Sunday, June 10, 2007

I lost a month?

Hey All,

I figured some explanation was due. I think I fell off the planet this past month. I don't really see an end in sight. Every week I think, next week life will slow down, then I can blog. Well those weeks have slipped away one by one. This week coming up doesn't look any better. Yikes! I know I will sound like I am whining and I am, but here goes.

Dad went into the hospital beginning of month

Senior Prom

Family crisis with a good friend

Daughter graduating from High School

Out of town family visiting

Hubby, two unexpected business trips and a third one coming up this week

One weekend out of town

Intern Graduation

Two church conferences

Two Goodbye Celebrations for Youth Pastor

Finishing putting in new yard/garden shed

Son just got off Mt. Rainier and showed up for two days

Husband brought home a new kitten two days ago

3 Birthdays , Mother's Day and a wedding

This is just what I can remember off the top of my head. Oh did I mention I was sick for a week and half. Everyone I know right now is extremely busy. I am just not keeping up, and blogging land has been on hold.

Things will hopefully calm down next week ;>)

Missing all my blog friends,

I will be back...

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