Friday, September 21, 2007

When do you know the seasons are changing?

I just was starting to sit down and watch a show, when I realized I was cold from the open windows in my great room. Ah, I should make a cup of tea. For me switching beverages from cold tea, to hot tea, iced lattes, to hot cappuccinos is the first real sign the changing of the seasons is making an impact on my lifestyle. It drives my family crazy when I start the fall soup pots bubbling for a quick easy dinner instead of the barbeque. They really like my soups, they just like to give me a hard time. Then I think it is time to change my pants from capri’s to jeans. It is time to pick the tomatoes, the summer squash and do something with all that produce, (hence the soup pot) Lots of indoor projects to get caught up on, instead of the garden needing such attention. I change my planters from petunias to mums and clean up all the scraggly annuals. Shoe change, purse change, sometimes I even do my make up differently. I even change up my house a bit. The blankets and candles take center stage, while the fresh cut flowers fade away.

In a very similar way I feel the changing of a season in my spirit. It seems that it is the many little things that start to collectively point to a season change. I find myself entering in more quickly and more frequently into the presence of God. I start to notice God speaking to me in many different ways, through out different times of the day. I catch His heart for a moment in a way I haven't felt before. One of my friends put it this way "I feel a stirring in my spirit". I feel a desire and a drawing to pray more both with my mind, and with my spirit. My spirit within me is constantly singing a new song when I stop a minute and listen. When I press into prayer I go faster, deeper, and further with staying power. The ground has been staked and claimed and there is no retreating. The word of God is being revealed to my heart and applied to my sin bringing correction and alignment to my soul. It feels good and right and timely.

In the natural I know we are heading into fall, which will precede winter, which is not my favorite time of the year. I am all about growth, and I miss that terribly in winter. Rest is good I know, but I am just saying, it is not my favorite. But in my spirit I feel like we are in spring and heading into summer, for a long hot productive season of kingdom abundance.

What are the signs of the season?

What kind of things do you notice when a season change is coming?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Have you ever slammed a Tim Tam?

We have been having a little bit of silliness around here. Our weekend has been full of friends and fun. Last night we had some of the Bridge Boys drop by for dinner and then some. It is always good to have extra food around for young college boys who are batching it. We fed a couple of them dinner, and as the gang begin to increase through the night, we switched to serving snacks. Now by the end of the evening I decided to show the boys a special treat usually reserved for very special occasions. This being the weekend before school starts, I thought yes this was the time and the place. Now the boys got very excited and cheered each other on, but I must say only ladies seem to really appreciate the total ecstasy this little chocolate cookie delivers. When a young lady heard about what the boys were doing, it was with absolute delight that Emily stepped up to the bar and took her hit. Her face exploded she giggled and laughed and said hit me again. Guys never eat more than one. Only the female gender truly appreciates and goes for more than one hit. Guys are whimps when it comes to serious chocolate consumption. This afternoon, I was invited to a gathering of friends, and brought along the last of my hoard. The only place I have been able to obtain these cookies is at World Market located in Seattle or Portland, alas no Arnots in my little humble town in Eastern WA. Following are pictures of our experience. The grown men in the group refused to take a hit. Babies! Chickens! They said it was too femmie? Well my husband Dan proved them wrong. He too stepped up to the bar and took a great hit.

So some of you at this point might be wondering what in the world I am talking about. Here is Wikepedia’s explanation :

I googled Tim Tam Slam and found out this indeed is an international pass time for those with a deep appreciation for chocolate.

Tim Tam Slam
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tim Tam Slam (or Tim Tam straw) is the practice of drinking a beverage by sucking it through a Tim Tam, an Australian chocolate-covered biscuit. The practice is done by sucking through a Tim Tam with both ends bitten off.


Make a hot beverage such as Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate etc...(alternative methods include cold InsertBrand Irish Cream, Milk, Port etc...)
Take a single Tim Tam and bite off two opposite corners. (alternative method of biting off whole ends is also practiced)
Put one end of the Tim Tam to your lips where the corner was removed
Then dip the other corner into the hot beverage and suck immediately
Continue to suck until the hot beverage is felt in the mouth or until you feel the Tim Tam starting to collapse.
Quickly suck or push the whole Tim Tam into your mouth
Warning: Do not have the beverage so hot that you cannot sip it. A cold beverage will deliver a different experience. Warning: This can be a messy business.

Now in my humble opinion this really is best done with a good quality hot chocolate. Coffee is okay but not the full rush.

Following are pictures from an afternoon with friends, where I shared the very last of my hoard of Arnot TimTams with some wonderful lady friends who surely appreciated a good chocolate hit!

Tiffany is a classic example of how to really do a TimTam Slam, you go girl!

the delicate slam
Chocolate Nirvana
the manly approach: No hands Dan!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Cotswolds

I stumbled across a "Ramblings from an English Garden "today. This woman is on her way to the Cotswold’s for a vacation. She will be posting her pictures when she gets back. This place is so magical and fairytale like. I think I will invite you along to reminisce with me, while I wait for her to post her pictures. From a place that time has left alone, to meander along and age with such grace.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This grandparent thing???

Okay, I will admit it, I am obsessed. I can't leave my poor daughter alone. I just want to go over there day and night and hold or stare at the baby. We all do... It is unfortunate that they are doing so darn well :) I can't even come up with enough good excuses to be of any help. I have cleaned their entire house, made all the food they can possibly eat. I have waited on my daughter hand and foot. I have spent the last two days shopping for smaller Oneies, just because it is a reason not to get back to the real world, and yet another excuse to go over to my daughter’s house again and stare at the baby. This is so funny. What on earth did I do with myself before the baby? I need a reality check. I do have coffee planned with a friend tomorrow. Bless her heart I will probably bore her to death talking about my grandchild. I am loosing it. Please forgive me the stupid silly grin on my face, and inability to focus on anything else the next time you see me. I am just a new grandma and I am silly crazy in love with Baby Eden. So…you want to see some pictures of my grandchild ;>) ?

The way we act because of a new baby...

New grandfathers go out and purchase 25 expensive cigars, and they don't even smoke!

Siblings get goofy and giddy

Men inspect...

Big boys go soft and mushy

Girlies get giddy and jump...

Aunties and Uncles try to pick names the baby will call them

Baby sleeps on...

Three generations bond

Five people trying to dress a newborn to take home from the hospital

Aunties trying to help

Grandfather beamning

New mommy in awe and wonder! and it's my turn again!

Aunty Jenn can't get enought either

Two baby Eden roses planted for the Monet Arch

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Circle of Life

I can't believe a week ago we were saying goodbye to my dad, and this weekend we are saying hello to baby Eden. Wow! I know that is deeply profound ;>) I am in just a little bit of shock and ecstasy right now, and extremely tired. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

We are certainly blessed for a safe happy delivery of our new precious gift from God. He is good!

Basic Facts
Eden Elizabeth
Born : Aug. 31, 2007
Time: 8:37 pm
Weight: 6lb 9oz
Height: 20 1/4 inches

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