Saturday, November 28, 2020

Ode to Washington

Goodbye seasons ahead!

Well I just found my old blog here and decided it needed a finally.

 For now you can find me on instagram or fb

Since this blog was about Washington my garden and my life there I wanted to end it with the mature garden that I started 13 years ago and a final catch up with my grand girls. Last April we departed WA state under the new trama of covid and traveled across the country to Franklin TN. It was intense!  Three years ago my daughter stole my 3 grand daughters by moving here to Franklin TN ! 😉 Dan retired last summer so we thought why not go on an adventure and join them . So here we are in the south just 30 minutes from Nashville and it feels like a different country. My biggest take away from the last 8 months is that it is a very PLEASANT place to live. The weather the town the people and our charming neighborhood. I might start a new blog about that.  

Here are some final photos from my garden the summer of 2019. Many of my old followers saw the  beginnings of that garden and my empty nester season. 

The girls then and now

Little miss Puddin Toes is now 13!

Here are some pictures of a new tiny tiny baby garden and our new home.

Moving day and Eden helping me un pack

Our new neighborhood Westhaven


melissa said...

Wow! What a contrast from your old home to now. Funny thing. We're in TN too. Glad you're settling in. 🥰

Vee said...

Oh here you are! In Tennessee! Those kids who kidnap grandchildren! What's a grandparent to do but what you did? I very much enjoyed seeing the Washington garden that you put so much heart and soul in. One cannot be blamed for leaving that state and its current climate, governor, etc., well behind. My daughter talks about moving to Tennessee all.the.time. Drives me just a wee bit nuts. 🤨

Oh my! The girls have grown so. John used to say that Pudding Toes was the most beautiful child he had ever seen. They all are darling girls.

Surely with all that goes on in your world, you have plenty of blogging fodder. Your new home is so beautifully charming. Happy homemaking.

podso said...

How lovely to see your garden so many years later. I've always loved visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful surroundings (those roses!), your artwork, and your gorgeous granddaughters! I've seen on fb that you seem to like your new life in TN! Welcome to the south! I love having your Goudge book in my small collection!

Charm and Grace said...

Hi Cindy! I feel like I have been in a black hole for the past few months... longing for some beauty. So I decided to do a blog post yesterday and as I was looking at my linked blogs in my sidebar, your post caught my eye. Even though I followed your page on Facebook a while back, for some reason in never seems to pop into my feed. Such a happy thing to see your post! What a MOVE for you!! I am happy to hear you are liking Tennessee. I know it had to be so hard to move and leave those gorgeous flowers. Oh my heart! But, hopefully you will find that Tennessee is a good place to grow roses and all the things you love. Are you finding an art community? I am in central AL, so not too far from you. Roses have a hard time here since it gets pretty hot during most summers. The photos of your grands just blew me away. To see Puddin Toes so grown up -- and SUCH a beauty -- just really made me realize how quickly time passes. May God bless you and your precious family in your new adventures!


Judy said...

I just found is post. Wow! What a huge move for you! Loved seeing the pic's of your beautiful gardens in WA. How well I remember when you planted those roses! And the photos of your beautiful grands! Wishing you and your family many blessings in Tennessee. Now, let me find you on IG and I'll see if we can connect there.

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