Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elizabeth Goudge Give Away/Treasure Hunt

On the way home from Montana we took it slow and easy.  A six and a half hour trip turned into....oophs ten!  We stopped in Missoula, just about one hour out of Philipsburg.  I was treasure hunting.  I have been looking high and low for a sofa table/drop leaf table that I could use for double duty. When we down sized I decided to skip a formal dining room and make do with a large great room/kitchen combo.  The only time I miss my formal dining room is about two or three days out of the year when we have all the family over for a holiday meal.  My solution (I know, I know... I am getting to my E.G. story here in a minute) was to find a sofa table that I could easily convert into extra seating for my holiday entertainment.  I have been on the hunt for...well three and a half years.  It turns out this was not such a simple solution. My quest for the perfect table has been harder then I would have imagined. Not one to easily give up my idea.  I have been looking everywhere I go. ( even made a side trip to Anaconda, that story my sister has to share about !!!) Hence the stop in Missoula, plus several other little towns along the way.  In Missoula I had no luck in finding my table after dragging my DH through three antique stores.  I even called a few in town while we had a great lunch at Sean Kelly's Public House (recommended)  I did however look at some of the books  in the antique shops.  After three floors in this one antique mall, crouching way down to look at the bottom shelf of this dusty old bookcase, putting on my glasses to see, I finally hit the jackpot and pulled out an Elizabeth Goudge book.  A hard copy of Gentian Hill 1949.

Now ladies this is truly a treasure and a find.  The last time I was able to find one of her books to purchase  was two summers ago at the beach in this crazy old bookstore that went on for miles and miles.  Click here if you want to read about that find.  Now at this point I could go on and on about this author, but my wonderful blogging buddy Sara has already written so many informative blogs about this author that I am sending you her way. Click on the last line to pop over to Sara's for a lot of info about Elizabeth Goudge.

The simplest way I can describe this author is that to me she is like Jane Austin writing about a later time period in England. She does a slow, deep character development, and can get very descriptive about a place. She also shares her faith in the most subtle of ways, and yet at times there it is and it grabs you right in your heart.  I find myself writing down some of her passages in my journal.

Renewal...the goodness of God coming down like dew
Everything God touches is changed.
Extraordinary reversals of God
Death to life, emptiness to liberty...He is himself reversal...loss turned to restoration, and decay to renewal at His touch.

The Scent of Water  Elizabeth Goudge

After my treasure find in Missoula I was a happy little gal.  As we were meandering our way back over I- 90 from the freeway there was this humongous sign  100,000 used books Montana Valley Book Store.  Should we stop...well maybe??? DH pulled over and we found our selves on a street asking the first and only pedestrian if there was a bookstore close by.  He pointed up the road and away we went.  Another large musty old bookstore with volumes and volumes of books on shelves high up to the ceilings. I quickly found the fiction, G...G... Goudge. Bingo two volumes of a great story The Pilgrims Inn, both library additions from 1948.

So there you have it, I am offering one of my copies of the Pilgrims Inn also known as The Herb of Grace to you my blogging friends. Some of you have often commented about reading one of Elizabeth Goudge's books.  If you would like a chance to win this give away, leave a comment and if you would like to help spread the word simply copy this picture somewhere on your blog with a link back to this post.  

By the way I did happen upon my table!!!!  Whoo hoo!  After a few more stops. We ended up in this little town of St. Regis and two amazing antique stores right off the freeway.  The first place I went into I found it.  The lady told me to first go check out the other store and then decide.  Only in Montana  : D  I knew the minute I saw it though that this was the one.  It came with four leaves and opens up to seat at least eight.  Perfect!  Now I have to decide how to refinish it. Keep it stained, painted black or cream. I will see what the wood really looks like when I sand it down.

This was the little bird thingy I found in a shop in Philipsburg that my sister I  both had to have :/

A description by Sara of several of her titles including Gentian Hill, The Dean's Watch and  A City of Bells

To read about all things Elizabeth Goudge go this website

Some fall out door decorating


Vee said...

Oh I wish that I had the capacity to do as you're asking and make a cute little button for my sidebar. Too little time I'm afraid. I know that someday I'll pull out an E.Goudge book too, and it will be the real deal. You had some great success in Montana. So who has the bird thingy?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh me, oh my, this is treasure indeed! The books, and the table too. As you know, I highly recommend both of these titles by Elizabeth Goudge....I've read them both many times over the past many years and always enjoy them. Your lucky winners will be blessed with some truly special and lovely stories.

Knitting Mania said...

Loved reading this post. And you found your table. Wow, it's in great shape sis...and four goodness!

Fun seeing the wire birdie cage too, so whimsical!!!


Just a little something from Judy said...

Now my curiosity has peaked, and I want to read one of these books. I am not familiar with Elizabeth's books, but from reading your description, I know I would love reading them. Don't you love when you find treasures? The table is perfect! I would have been excited to find it,and knowing how creative you are, I am anxious to see how you finish it.

Bonnie said...

One of my favorite authors and I collect her books! I will post something . You are so wonderful to have a book giveaway. I'll be back to read more.........

melissa said...

I feel like a heel commenting for the first time in response to a book giveaway, but I do love Eliz. Goudge. :) She just makes me feel good!

Thanks for the opportunity to try!

Rhondi said...

I haven't read Elizabeth Goudge, but you've got me interested so I'm off to the library as soon as possible to pick up one of her books. It's always exciting to discover a new author.(new to me that is!) Thanks for the giveaway.

a woman who is said...

Melissa: I am thrilled you stopped by to enter the give away!

Rhondi: I feel the same way when I discover a new author. Let me know if you have any luck finding many of her books at the local library? Unfortunately my local ones only have 3 or 4 each :( She has authored over 30 books. They are now a bit hard to come by.

melissa said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment at my site...and about those burning bushes (10 ft., if not more high), we live in the Southern US. Not sure if's location or not, but they do get huge!

Again, thanks for letting me be in your giveaway! (and btw, gorgeous baby girl photos you have---a doll!)

Nadine said...

I love discovering new authors. Count me in.

Make mine pink said...

Wow.... You finally got your table. It looks great, Cindy. And YES PLEASE... enter me into the drawing!!

Pure and lovely said...

I love stopping by your blog! It is always inspiring in the artsy department so refreshing to my soul.

Charm and Grace said...

Whew, so glad I got back to blogging in time to be entered in your giveaway. E.G. is such a wonderful author, and I have not read this one. The only one I own is The Dean's Watch. Thanks for sharing, and your newest pics of Avey and PT are amazing as always!


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