Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pretty sunsets at the beach...maybe not this time

Here at the beach with heavy overcast skies. We have a room right on the beach, so even if the sun isn't shinning, I have the lovely roar of the waves to relax my spirit and settle my soul.
Our weekend started off with a bang. We had a neighborhood get together at a local winery. A great time was had by all, getting to meet neighbors and especially the owners of the Tapteil Vineyard and Winery. They are a fascinating couple that are pouring their heart and soul into the land and the local wine industry. Jane and I clicked as I discovered her talent as an amazing artist and gardener. She paints wonderful vignettes of life at the winery and uses these painting for the label of each new wine that they bottle. Tapteil Winery was a very special place indeed. We were able to do some wine tasting, and imported olive oil tasting. Neighbors brought wine, and special tapas for all to enjoy.
Here are some pic's of the winery
The sun setting on a very fine evening (DH on right)
The second leg of our weekend, we headed to the beach by way of Portland, Or. Stopped to visit some very good friends of ours and spent the night. We had a great evening dining on authentic Lebanese cuisine, and walking around Portland tracking down the best cup of coffee, and gelato the Pearl District had to offer. Mmmmm
Sunday morning found us spending the day with our son who recently moved to Portland to attend school this fall. We spent some more time with him exploring the Pearl District and the Rose Quarter. Ended up at a very special city breakfast spot called "Gravy".
It was great exploring some lesser known parts of Portland for me, and seeing my son get situated.
This place as you could guess served some amazing biscuit's and gravy. Josh (back right) had the vegetarian gravy and we had the sausage. It was a huge meal, but the boys did a great job getting it down ;]
So here at the beach I have made one more very fun discovery. I have finally unearthed some Elizabeth Goudge books! I was so excited after searching many a used book store to finally find a stash of these babies here on the coast.Well the clouds are breaking up a little bit...here's to hoping I can find a little bit of sunshine on the beach today!


Strider said...

Are you there by yourselves, or did you go with some awesome, fantastic friends?

Lavinia said...

What a pleasurable post to read, and enjoy the photos. That winery offers some stunning vistas. Gravy? I'm there!

I like Lebanese cuisine too....its so flavourful...I like the way they spice their meats.

The annual University used book sale is fast approaching....I am determined to scout the tables and come away with some Goudge books!

Congratulations on finding those book treasures....you'll have many satisfying reading hours ahead of you now....

nanatrish said...

It really looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. I especially loved hearing about the Lebanese meal. I am Lebanese-Syrian. You must tell me how you like the books. I have never read her books but hear great things about her. Please drop by my place, I have an award for you!

Knitting Mania said...

Awww it looks like you guys had a great time and got to see Joshy boy too in the mix.

Strider made a comment that you guys were all together there at the beach...sounds relaxing to me!

Danni said...

oh man, those are beautiful pictures. Totally makes me miss home...even more! Thanks for sharing!

Jenna said...

AWWW Drew!!!!!! =] Looks like you guys had an amazing weekend...Wish i could have been there LOVE YA!!! (and im kind happy it wasnt too sunny at the beach hahaha) Just kidding!!!

Judy said...

Looks like a wonderful time at the beach! Good company...wonderful food...lovely spot...what more could you ask?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hope that you'll tell us a wee bit more about the Goudge books and which one turns out to be your favorite.

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