Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I am still officially on a break.  We have rolled right into another family emergency.  Dan's folks had their 65th Wedding Anniversary two weekends ago, and a week ago Wednesday dear Nellie ended up in the hospital in some pretty rough shape.  She came home Monday, but she and Grandpa Dutch are still needing alot of assistance. She will have in home nursing care three days a week, and physical therapy. We have a big road ahead to get her back on her feet.  Following are some pictures for you to enjoy of their anniversary, and some wonderful pictures "Through the Years"

As of this moment I have my turkey cooked, sliced and in the fridge.  The stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pies all made.  I am hoping to have a bit of a relaxed Thanksgiving.

My prayers and blessings to all of you, have a wonderful day!

Here they are at their 65th with 3 of the 4 grandchildren

Nellie was a war bride!

25th Wedding Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Apparently I have taken a bit of a blogging break...I just figured this out :)  Ahhh life has been a little crazy.  Meg and Ty spent the last two weekends moving into an apartment.  Which meant lots of help from all.  I have been on full time packing, babysitting, and meals on wheels duty. We even had an overnighter for the whole family.   I had some wonderful time bonding with P.T.   When Megan pulled up to our house for a drop off one day this weekend, Eden turned to her and said, Nana is my best friend.  Well that just melted my heart into a puddle. Up until this point the Papa's have been her fav's.   Well they are now settled in, and the next big project is to build their house!  Did I mention we pulled off a 65th wedding anniversary for Dan's folks in the middle of all this last weekend.  Megan took pictures and I am sure we will get to see them soon.  She has really had her hands full, babies, and boxes, and paper OH MY !  They sold a 3bedroom home and moved into a tiny 2 bedroom you are getting the picture.

I can't think of anything else I have been doing except teaching on Mondays with the Interns.  Along with my regular class I teach on the Holy Spirit from Portland Bible College. I am administrating a Streams class on The Art of Hearing God.  I watch a video, take notes, share some key notes with the interns, watch the video again with them Monday morning.  Answer questions work on the exercises, assignments, and classroom discussion. Then the kids beg me to come to my house to watch it again in the afternoon.  Soooo, we watch, pause every five minutes or less, for more questions and answers , and no I am NOT exaggerating.  Then I feed them all dinner and shoo them home. wonder I am pooped and have not had time for blogging lately.

And now the holidays...

Podoso....I haven't even had a chance to mail your book....but it is coming, I promise!!!!!!

I can't wait to get some time this week to check in on all my blogging friends, and see what your creative,exciting busy lives have all been up too!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

And the Winner is...

Yes ladies we do have a winner of  Pilgrim's Inn, also known as the Herb of Grace as it was published in England.  The lucky winner is Podoso who found her way over here via Bonnie & Melissa, who I believe came by way of Sara's blog.  Don't you just love blogland?  So fun to meet new folks.  Congratulations!!!!!!

I am so sorry for those that didn't win and are eager to try a book by this author.  You can find used copies on Amazon.  Also I have one great recommendation for Christmas. Amazon has new copies of  The Little White Horse  in paperback for only$6.99.  I highly recommend this children's book. I recently read it this fall and wondered how I had missed out on this wonderful children's story for my own kids. It is one I will definatley be reading to Puddin Toes, and little Ms. Sweet Pea!  

Here are the inside cover pictures of the Elliot family. This book is second in a series of three. The first book being The Bird in the Tree.

Some of my other favorites are The Scent of Water, Bird in the Tree, The Child from the Sea, and the first one I read The City of Bells.

Last weekend I had the best time with Ms.Angelina Ballerina & Little Bunny Foo Foo :)

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