Saturday, March 10, 2012

Miss It!

 front side
I drove by my old house the other day with a friend and they were really cutting back the old growth and overgrown vegetation from the property.  Good thing it needed it.  I might have over planted just a bit ;)

back side
One thing I hope they never cut back though is my lovely rose arbor.   I think there are new owners and I do hope they wait to see this arbor in full bloom before they take it out!  Oh how I miss that display!

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Weather is holding me back!

 I am a little tired of this long drug out winter scene around here. We literally had a showing of snow March 1st. Ridiculous!  I am so ready for sunshine and warm temperatures.  I have ventured out a bit around the beds closest to the house.  Winter decorations are down and I am thinking spring around here!

 I was able to plant my goodies from the garden show in the ground.  The printed cloth on the left was an Italian apron I purchased at the show alongside the yearly poster they give away.
Some new nests for a mood of spring time

I need to go find some pansies and primroses and plop them into these wooden containers to keep my mind thinking spring is almost really here=)
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