Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Six Weeks are Over

Sunset on the Columbia River

Quick up date on Dan the man. He is doing so good.  His six weeks of recuperation from his second hip surgery is over and he is doing just fine!!!  A little tired the first week of work putting in those 8 +...hours at the office, but that is to be expected.  One of the best moments during his recovery came when at 3 weeks he had his blood tested again for the cobalt chromium levels...results were no detectable signs of cobalt chromium!!!! Woo Hoo !  Thank you dearest Jesus!
Our annual hot summer night cruise on the river with great friends!

I now have my domain back to myself  ;>)  and I have been a busy bee.   As I shared a few posts ago, I was invited to participate in a once a month art walk in our historical downtown area.  I had such a fun night!   So I am into water color painting for the next week.  I had lots of fun today when I decide to take to my garden for inspiration.  I ran outside with my pruners and this is what I came up with.

Then I sat down and "loose painted" away.  

 One of the local artists came by at the first Art Walk I did last month and said ...Oh, ghost flowers !  Funny, funny, Cam...but you know he is kind of right. So I went a little brighter on this one.  His wife came in earlier and offered me a show at their coffee shop.  We will see who wins out :)  Hope fully I am going to try to get some oil painting done next week and come up with something a little more less ghosty.

Computer update! Some of you have asked. Let's just say the jury is out. You may have noticed my little mac  charmer in the background.  If I could only tackle IPhoto I would be so happy.  I have had some "helpers" but they can't quite seem to help me get my file system back the way Aseedc filed them

Oh and I did try downloading Aseedc for mac, and it looks just like IPhoto ...urrrrr

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wall

 I can't believe I spent two half days painting one wall, and oh the best part...two hours in Home Depot trying to get a color match to my paint chip!  The minimal.  Ahhhh

I knew my beige paint would need upgrading when we were under construction, but I just couldn't deal with all the options for all my walls at the same time I was making so many decisions for flooring, tile, light fixtures...did I mention I designed the whole house. That in it self was enough to put me on overload.  Paint color went neutral to be dealt with later.

So this week I started out one morning to scrub my tile floors. Company coming this weekend, and to tell you the truth I couldn't even remember the last time they got a good scrub =/   (that is why smart older women pick beige ie the color of dirt...hehehe it hides everything)

Somehow those very beige walls got to me.  I had spent two hours trying to get a paint match at Home Depot earlier this week from a paint chip that they no longer carried by Ralph Lauren.  No problem they said...haha...look closely at my paint chip and see the colors on the corners they tried.  Funny thing was I was not planning on the getting paint, I was at Home Depot helping Meg pick out her house flooring, counters, paint....she is now in the middle of house construction.  What was I thinking trying to do double duty.  Anyways I just felt sorry for the paint people and bought one of the two quarts they were trying to mix to match my chip.

I know I am being so random this week.  Long and short of it all, I painted a wall, with lots of detail trim work because of the mantel and shelves. All that work later I have a darker beige wall....LOL!

The wall on the left front helps show that there is some difference and yes the picture does not do it real justice.  My mantel does stand out much better than before...(see below)...but not a whole lot!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun, fun evening for me. I Loved the Art Walk in downtown Kennewick last Thursday.  I met some new artsy friends and sold my first painting! Thanks for hosting us Kennewick Bridge! Jesus, prayer, Amber White music, inspirational art with John, Robby and Amelia.  I don't know how an evening could have suited me better. 

Only wish I had taken a photo of my "loose water florals" on display.  I was just to animated by the people and the events to think about it.  I was stunned when some lady actually bought one of my pictures.  One more event like this in September.  I hope I can get myself to paint some more.  I fell in love with a local artist Laura Gables.  I am hoping to get some lessons from her this fall.  I especially love how she uses color!

I am linking her blog under my artsy stuff.
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