Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seattle Garden Show

garden bench in entrance  Click here for better pictures
The scent is intoxicating when you first walk into the entrance lobby. 
We made a mad dash over the pass a few weeks ago on an early Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend in Seattle with friends and to attend the Seattle Flower and Garden Show.  After arriving in Seattle I spent the remainder of the the afternoon in Daniel Smith, my favorite art store. $$$

Later we checked in to a boutique hotel and had a lovely dinner at the Wild Ginger an asian fusion style restaurant that is very popular in Seattle.  It definitely had a Seattle vibe, but ya know I like our local asian restaurants around here.  They are quite good and authentic.  Usually run by families.
After dinner we were able to stroll into the garden show for the last 30 minutes for free.  Dan got a quick peek and saw as much as he wanted too =)  I was thrilled to get a good view of the show before the crowds would hit the next day.  

The main hall was filled to the brim with lovely gardens.  The theme this year was "A Floral Symphony"
Barbara Wise  was the designer of this garden.  She handed out lists of all the plants that she used in her design.   I also enjoy her seminar the next day on container gardens.

 This was my favorite display.  Spring Time in Paris

You can google the show and look at all the images if you'd like.  My pictures were kind of crummy due to me using my I phone.  I just get so carried away in the moment I don't want to fuss with the camera.

Our friends came in the next day. I had already spent the early morning hitting all the retails spaces and chatting it up with some very special company owners.  I ending up meeting the head of the Seattle Rose Society.  Every one was so friendly and wanting to visit during the early part of the day.  So when the crowds came pouring in I went and spent a relaxing few hours sitting in on the different seminars.  It was a very good set up this year.  I was able to really enjoy the show on this schedule.  

We had a blast with our friends that evening and hit Pike's Market early the next morning.  We found a lovely french crepe's place to have our breakfast, and twirled around the market for a few hours before heading home again.  

There is always so much to see and do in a big city, but I only like it in little bites at a time. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have been very busy with moving Dan's folks again, babysitting, and a host of various other commitments that I have not had one day home alone  since before Christmas LOL!  I have been in a bit of a twirl, as my good friend says.

I am stopping this morning to take a moment to remember a lovely summer morning when I visited a friend's very special garden.  She had the amazing idea of  planting a whole bag of sunflower bird seeds  in her yard.   Join me if you'd like and take a peek at her sunflowers drenched in sunshine.

I can remember the delight in my heart that morning as the heat of the day was just starting to build up.  I was looking all around at these amazing sunflowers basking in the light of glory when I knew I just had to go home and paint them =)

Sending some sunshine your way!

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