Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Your Invited to come away with me...

                                                           The good life

...on my dream trip to Italy!  Yes finally after 2 weddings two new grandbabies, a few new businesses and two grueling hip surgeries for my husband we are finally on our way.  We are not going Rick Steve style, we are not going with a tour, but we are setting out to explore and discover on our own what Bella vita (the good life) is all about in Italy.  I have spent weeks of my life planning this trip.  Now I know why travel agents earn their money!  In all that planning I have just grown my appetite for more.  So this is trip #1.  I can't possibly do it all or even part of it in one 24 day jaunt.  The itinerary will be Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast and Rome.  Yes I am leaving out several must see cities, but I promise you I will be back.  I like to take in the moment, the happening and the experience more then a check list of every site to see, although my husband is already freaking out that I am trying to squeese in too much.  His idea of vacation is Dolce Far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)  That really works out for us as he loves to sit and drink a glass of wine on a side walk café as I get engrossed in a plein air sketch or painting in between all the sites I will be dragging him too!  He is a great sport and a wonderful man to join me in this adventure.  We are both a bit giddy.  

There is so much more I want to share, but for now I leave with some of my favorite pic's of what I hope to experience.  


okay maybe no other pic's today.  Blogger from an Ipad is going to be a bit tricky...but I promise I will get this figured out in time.  Any advise out there would be appreciated :)

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