Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging Break...oophs

It appears I am on a bit of a blogging break.  With Dan home for recovery it seems the pattern and time frame of my day has changed up a bit. So blogging has been a bit off the radar.  Thats okay, I know I will pick up with all of you my blogging buddies in a few more weeks.  We see the doctor tomorrow.  Pray for us!  We have been kind of avoiding thinking about the real issue that went wrong for Dan's hip.  Bad part...we would like some seems the doctor and the F.D.A. knew last November what was wrong with my husband.  I want to get past that and focus on the recovery!  But I would like some honest answers.

One kind of funny thing going on around here has something to do with a new computer. It seems he (DH) decided I needed a new lap top. What!!!! I just got one last year.  You see I wanted to try a Mac lap top last, no, no, he said.  I won't be able to help you and be your I.T. help desk.  Next thing I know after we get home from the hospital the nice Mr. UPS man comes to my door with a package. I sign for it looking at my husband across the room with raised eyebrows.  It seems I am now the new proud owner of a Mac Book Pro.

It sits across the room right now waiting for has been waiting for me for two weeks...  He suggests I start using it.  I just keep looking at it.  I did actually open it once today for the first time.  He assures me it will be no problem, easy to use. I have to make the switch because he apparently promised my dell to his dad who is patiently waiting for me to "let the lap top go"  huh...i don't want to learn how to use a new lap top...not today,  not tomorrow either.  Maybe in a few weeks when he goes back to work.  I am thinking he needed some new technological diversion.  Me...I have enough diversions going on right now...LOL!

P.S. have you guys all seen the double rainbow You Tube video...I think I reposted my picture subconsciously...I think I went a little over the top myself when I saw this rainbow last summer in Montana....well maybe not quit as much... ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Adventures

Little did I know back when I wrote this post in the beginning of January what new adventures lied ahead for me.  Some of you were as curious as I was.  Well somethings are and have been happening, only I just now remembered my January post.

Let me first say it has been a week of great relief.  One week from Dan's surgery and I must tell all of you dear folks who prayed that Dan is doing wonderfully.  He quit using his walker after three me a heart attack.  I at least talked him into a cane.  It really seems super naturally miraculous.  It was a full six week recovery last time.  This time it is going to be hard to keep him home for four weeks.  True he did not have the femur spike replaced, but the ball and cup/socket....yikes... sorry if that is TMI.  =]   Last time he was not even out of bed for a week.  I am so grateful to the Lord!

So now for new adventures and the future.  I think now that we are getting past this hurdle of Dan's health we are starting to see more clearly what is ahead and some of the wonderful things God has in-store for us. One  new change is that we have started helping and supporting a new local church.  It is a new plant in our city, and the heart and vision of the pastor and the people are grabbing our hearts and planting new seeds in our vision.  They have named the church New Vintage.  It couldn't be a more appropriate name for this region and for this season in the body of Christ.  There are many things that have blessed me about this journey.  One big thing is that my daughter, son-in-law and grands are also taking this path with us.  I have longed to be in church with my grands for such a long time.  The church is going to focus on the 20-30's somethings, those that have been leaving the church en mass over several years of late.  With that focus they still see our age group as important in the roles of mentors and as a support system.  I have been involved with young people for over the last 30 years or so really in one way or another.  I love this age group, and have a deep passion to see them find their way and encourage them in their destiny.  This scripture has been a prayer of mine for years.

 Set up signposts to mark your trip home. Get a good map. Study the road conditions. The road out is the road back. Come back, dear virgin Israel, come back to your hometowns. How long will you flit here and there, indecisive? How long before you make up your fickle mind? God will create a new thing in this land: a transformed woman will embrace the transforming God!  Jeremiah 31:21-22 The Message

I love how The Message puts it!

Other things that are going on have to do with being more involved in our community, and giving time to expressions in the arts.  Some of you may remember these pictures from last summer in Montana...I am very excited about the promises of God.  He has blessed my heart with hope!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Sigh of Relief

I brought Dan home from the hospital today.  Everything seems to be falling into place for a good recovery. I am soooo relieved.  My stress level has been way up there for awhile. Now I have a fairly quiet summer to watch over Dan's recuperation process, piddle around in the garden, and do some water color painting.  Ahhhh  a big sigh of relief.   Thank you all again for all your prayers and comforting comments.  It is so helpful when you are facing some big mountains, to have friends and family cheering you on!

P.S. looking forward to catching up with blog land in the weeks to come :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Good Report!

Surgery is over...praise God every thing has gone extremly well. Pray for a safe n quick recovery, no infection, and for the metal to clear out of dan's system quickly. It was definately a reaction to the metal!
Thanks so much every one for all your prayers!!!!

Dr. said it should take three weeks for his kidneys to clear his body of the metal. We are feeling so grateful right now...on the road to recovery at last!!!!  It turns out the appliance in his leg has been recalled all over Europe, and class action suits in progress in the U.S. Many people have gotten sick from this particular company with this particular appliance. 

When I went to see Dan right after he got to his room, he was already on his phone texting work. Additional prayer request...that Dan will let himself rest :)

Hip Surgery Re Do

Dan is having a re-do surgery Monday morning on his hip. To all my praying friends out there we covet your prayers for Dan. For Dr. Jesus to be in the hospital guiding the surgeon's hands, and giving him the wisdom of God on behalf of this surgery. Please pray for great success and healing. 7:45 am

Here is further explanation from an earlier post if you didn't catch it.

I haven't mentioned much on the blog, but it has been a hard year for Dan with his health.  One year ago, Dan had a hip replacement surgery.  He never really recovered. It turned out his body was allergic to the metal they used for his replacement. He has been in a lot of pain all year.  We are praying and believing that this re-do will solve all his health problems with this hip.  I would really covet your prayers. Chronic pain is not a great way to live, and cobalt chromium in his blood stream is affecting other areas of his health.  So this summer will definitely slow down after all this for a six week recovery period. I am believing God by next spring we will be able to go see our friends in France, with Dan up and about and pain free!!!

Hmm as I was just posting this I looked at the verse I have on my top left side bar and realized that was a verse God gave me for Dan several years ago.  It is time for new growth and new shoots of life and health to be released in Dan's life. Thanks Jesus!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Using Your I Phone for Pic's...or Not :)

 You know my kids do this all the time.  They snap a picture of themselves and their friends and catch the moment with their phone.  So I thought as Dan and I were watching a wonderful sunset at the beach I would capture our (finally alone moment) of just the two of us with my I Phone. It was not so easy I came to find out as my kids make it seem. We kept snapping and re positioning...hahaha as Jenna would say "What dorks."
 Got a good picture of the sand...sort of

 Then Dan grabbed the phone and gave it a try.  He did succeed a little better.  But then he forgot to smile.
 So this was the best we could get while having a good laugh at our ourselves.  I now have much more appreciation for my kids aptitude with these phones.

Funny thing is I was the first one in the family to purchase one, by default I might say. I just kept picking up every phone in the shop when I HAD to replace my old one, looking for something I could read with out my glasses.  When the kid working there showed me how everything got big with a flick of two fingers, I just bought the I Phone without any knowledge of what I was really getting myself into. The most import selling point for me was I COULD SEE THE NUMBERS WITH OUT MY GLASSES ON.  Woohooo!  Of coarse the kids were all jealous. Now Jenna has her own and I am giving Meg my old one ( because my 2 year contract is up and she is begging me for it)  I still have very little knowledge about all this phone can do, but by golly gee I can see!!!!!!

Now here is a picture Meg took of us...just a little bit more on the competent side.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eden and Pappy Danny

Eden and Pappy Danny enjoying the sunset and the water at Cannon Beach

 After she had collected allllllll the shells on the beach...the cutest thing ever!

I love the beach. It is the place I most connect with on the planet. To do that with my first grandchild and my dearest husband of 34 years...the best ever!!!!!
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