Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seven Years

 Seven years in the making, my garden at sunset tonight.  I can't believe we have only lived here seven years.  A lot of life has gone on in this home.  Since we have been here we have seen 2 college graduations, 2 weddings, and 3 grand children.  My cup runneth over.

  I enjoy my garden first thing in the morning then off and on through out the day.  When the sun starts setting I must have another peek.  So come along and join me for a sunset posy walk!  
 My Monet arch is finally getting some rose coverage.
 I wish I really knew how to take photo's like my daughters. They are all kinds of wonderful at it. Meg & Jenna's latest work.
 I planted this rose over six years ago when Miss Eden was born. The rose is named Eden :)

 Tess of the D'urbervilles I just love the name of this rose and her outrageous color!

 This rose was one of my last to be planted, she was hard to come by and perhaps my favorite.  Lady of the Mist...maybe I just love her name too ;)

 The view from inside my garden shed door.  This summer I hope to finally decorate my garden shed like miss Lovejoy's SPRIG

Good night garden!  See you in the morning!
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