Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tea Parties and Project Runway Here I Come=)

 Tea Party with Pooh and Tiger
Fun fall day with Miss Puddin Toes.  I was trying to get some special Nana time in with her as she is now going to full time preschool.  So we had a date for lunch and went to a tea shop.

 Fascinated with her teaspoon
 Trying on the Queen Mum's hat

 checking ourselves out in the bathroom mirror
 This one definitely matches the outfit we decided

The tea was delicious

 After lunch we stopped at Goodwill and purchased some snazzy dress up clothes.  It was 50% off day, which made this a very economical project.  I had fun snipping and sewing our finds into runway specials...lol!

The days are flying by this fall.  We finally have a hint of a season change in the air.  It is time to gather in the harvest and start all my fall soups and preserves...YUM =)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Round Three

 Babies touring the farmers market with Nana
Eden's 4th birthday!
I can't believe it was only four years ago that Eden our first grandchild came into our lives and changed everything!  How exciting to now contemplate three!

I have been keeping a big secret.  A couple of months ago I was in the kitchen with my daughter Megan and something about her demeanor caught my attention, and I said "Your pregnant !"  NO, NO she stated, couldn't be!  I am not!  Well about two weeks after that little moment she did surprise me with a positive pregnancy test stick one morning when she was dropping the babies off for some Nana time.  I must admit, I squealed with delight.  Woot woot,  here we go again.  Another precious little one to love and cherish in our family.  Since that day for several weeks now I have been keeping her secret.  Today she saw the doctor and made the announcement.  Meg is 9 weeks along and we are expecting grandchild number three on April 19th.  I am so deeply delighted, and at the same time secretly wondering how am I going to keep up with three...LOL!  I am just about catching my breath with Puddin Toes and Sweet Pea.  I am looking around and observing all the grandma's with many grand children.  Any of  you out there with some great pointers...please send them my way!  I feel very blessed...thank you Jesus for your showers of blessings today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

 I can't believe it is the end of summer.  I know this in my brain, but my heart is not ready to let it go.  We had such a late start, and very little heat...for around here.  So I am soaking up every last drop of fun in the sun.

 Today we went on a little jaunt out in the country to celebrate a very special birthday, as Miss Puddin Toes turned four!  It was a most enjoyable afternoon.  My daughter was able to rent out this little country barn and accompanying rides just for us, for a very special day.  I skipped the actual county fair this year.  This little place had all of the ambience of the fair and none of the crazy crowds and noise.  What a fun way to enjoy a kids birthday party.

 Nana was in charge of the face painting!

 Summer skies and sun...please stay for a few more days....and let me drink in your peace and beauty!
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