Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding Number One...Part 1

Meg and I decorating the day before

I have a few pictures to share thanks to my sister Chris...we haven't got any photographer's photo's yet =)
She snapped some shots just after our final midnight check...this is the front/entrance to the building we rented for the reception.
The day of the wedding getting ready at Nana's house
Avey & Eden were the flower girls...sweet grands!
The Dress...photographer put it on my arbor 
The beautiful bride Jenna Marie
Miss Avey having a Marylyn Monroe  moment...standing on the air conditioner vent LOL!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Garden is Bursting

 Can you belief we just planted this last year...?
 I am loving the brighter new colors.

 Don't you love my new orange lily?  Never thought I would be dropping orange into my palette =)

Three weeks till D day (Jenna getting married)   This view helps calm me down =)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jenna's Bridal Shower

I just tried this sandwich cake for my daughter's bridal shower...gotta was a fun challange and I pretty much rocked it!  I changed up the ingredients, left out the seafood accents from this example I found on pinterest.  Much easier than I thought =)
 I decorated mine with parsly flowers, leaves, cilantro leaves, green onions, radishes, thyme flowers and some grated carrot.

I used a square loaf of unsliced whole grain bread from the store.  I did three fillings.  I wished I had a picture of it sliced. My daughter probably got some professional looking shots. If she did I will post later. 

                                           Meg in her domain

 Guest favors made by Emily one of Jenna's bridesmaids...choose yours on the way out.

 One:  pk cream cheese, a few tb orange marmalade, 4 tb herb de provence, 4 tb goat cheese, grated     carrots, walnuts

Two: pk cream cheese, cilantro, 3 tb feta cheese, garlic salt, mango, pecans

Three: pk cream cheese, cucumber, radish, green onion, red peppers. garlic salt, sprouts.

Fun weekend, but I am so exhausted...let me count the ways...

UPDATE...Meg's photo's

The shower was at my daughter Meg's house. She did an amazing job...she told me she just wanted Jenna to have a great memory of her day !    So proud of my girls...5 weeks to go and counting =)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello Life Screaming By!

 Out for dinner on our 36th Wedding flying by us at break neck speed =)
 The roses are in full bloom and I have little time to spend with them, but I get at least one posy walk in a day!  These shots are from the front courtyard.  I will post some of the fluff going on in the back later this week.

 I have recently started an art based community program for underprivileged kids in town.  I find this one of the most rewarding things I can do, combining my passion with their passion for art and creativity.  They are all extremely talented and soooo worthy of a tiny piece of my week. I adore these students!
 My sis hanging out with me and the class on her visit her last week.  She got a peek at my world...and hurried back to the peace and tranquility of Philipsburg.  I think I am gonna head back there to join her after the wedding and get me some of my own peace and tranquility  =)
I am heading off first thing in the morning to pick up Jenna's wedding dress in will be a fun but emotional day!

Monday, May 28, 2012


 My daughter has recently had two photo shoots done of her family...I need to choose one picture to blow up for a 16x20 for my mothers day gift and a few others in smaller various sizes...but how to choose...I love them all.
To see all the photo's go to Blink Photography

For the first shoot go to Photo Update

My sis is here for the week and we are having a wonderful visit.  Soaking in the babies, the gardens, and prepping for the weddings. 
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