Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just a little weekend eye candy!

Yes the roses are finally here! My fourth summer in the garden and this year it feels like a real garden. We are definitely in toddler stage anyway. Bye bye baby garden, hello abundant bliss, of scent, color, and beauty. I am submerged in God's blessings. I feel so hugged.

Notice below, we have a guest family in our garden. I so feel like Mrs. McGreggor:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Wedding Weekend

Puddin Toes was asked to be in a wedding this weekend. With a new baby only 3 weeks old Megan requested my help to accomplish this task. I made the tutu dress which was not too difficult since I had attempted one of these before. (<- click to see) This time I had a little more actual sewing to do as we added on the sash, ribbon straps and a slip underneath. Some suggested I make these to sell on Esty RIGHT! There is a reason they ask $80.00 and up for these dresses. They are a lot of work. But the real work began Saturday night at dress rehearsal. Two hours later my task was done...holding Sweet Pea (baby Avey) and herding Puddin Toes. Phew! Sunday night it started all over again, as we needed to be there 1 1/2 hours before the wedding to take pictures.

Miss P.T. practicing the hand hold they would use to walk down the aisle together.

Can't you just see her on the front veranda of Tara ?

P.T. with the bride. I can't wait to see the photographers photos. I was taking these with one hand as I was holding and jiggling Sweet Pea ;0

Even P.T. was all worn out after her big debut.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ramblings from and English Garden

My first David Austin to bloom Miss Mary Rose.  Her scent is lovely!
Remember my Iris Carnage...they are alive!!!

Giveaway going on at Ramblings from an English Garden. Stop by Barbara's to wish her a Happy 400th post. You will be entered in for a drawing featuring what else but a gorgeous teapot and cup and saucer from DaySpring.

If you have a moment stop by and read her life story. It is a fascinating adventure. She also features many, many English gardens and beautiful shots of the English countryside. I promise you won't be disappointed. She is one special lady with a very special blog.

One other bit of news. I had a birthday today.  As some of you might recall my computer kept crashing this year off and on...for the last three weeks I have been making do on Dan's.  Well he must have decided enough was enough and bought me my first brand new computer.  I have always just used his hand me downs.  Now I have a brand new shinny Dell Studio lap top.  I have a lot of new programs to learn.  This computer specializes in graphics...well we will see if I can do anything with just some of its capabilities.  It was a nice little deal from Costco. 

The best part of the day came when my husband cooked me a prime rib dinner and Meg baked me a cake, and bless her heart did the dishes too.  All the while I just sat down and held baby Avey.  It was a very wonderful and blessed day!  

Thanks to all my family and friends for all your good wishes and love.

One more thing ... a big shout out for Kris Allen who deserved his win on American Idol!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahhh the roses are coming...

(Barnsley House in the Cotswolds, England)

They are in perfect juicy bud stage. A few have actually unfurled there beauty. Pictures will be coming. But for now enjoy the rest of the tour of Barnsley. Rosemary Verey's lovely garden. I checked it out on the internet, and now they are renting out rooms to stay in at this lovely home.
Can you imagine having a view of these gardens from your room?

There is my honey :) He was such a trooper looking at all the gardens I drug him around too. We did castles for him.
When I took this picture I had no idea it was famous. It looks like I just missed the bloom. It was a stunning alle.

The whole trip was a dream. And this garden was a perfect part of the dream.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


David Austin's Scepter'd Isle
Peace... sometimes it seems so hard to capture when the storms of life hit. Sometimes it is just a little nagging wind here and there. Or a series of windy days that just don't seem to want to end. In many ways and in many circumstances life can come at us like the wind and try to rob us of our peace.

In my life those season and storms do come and go. The winds sometimes pick up and gust. Sometimes they just keep blowing a constant steady stream of air. If you lived in the Tri Cities you would know what I mean by that. The windy season has hit here. My roses are taking a beating, and they are just now in full bud stage. Their foliage was so fresh and perfect. Darn that wind.

But I know that some day the wind will stop. The roses will recover and bloom. Just like our lives on this planet. Sometimes we just must endure the season. In the mean time I have found that prayer really works to bring my soul to a place of peace in the midst of the storm. You really can cast all your cares on Him. He really does care for you.

When you pray do not forget the "accumulative advantage" of prayer. The effects of Prayer multiply as you pray more. John Paul Jackson

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you that in me you might have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.

In case you are curious if you read the rest of chapter you will find out who brings us peace, and Comfort (hint, hint) while we are on the planet.

Blessings to all and peace through the storms of life.
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