Friday, June 17, 2011

A Field of Poppies

What does a perfect summer morning look like?
A perfect summer morning looks like this...taking a new friend for a drive in the country to visit and old friend that cultivates a field of poppies in her back yard =}

With a lovely pastoral setting in the background we wandered through the flowers clicking away with our camera's.  It was hard to carry on a conversation.  I was enraptured by the beauty.

I have been thinking about painting poppies for a month now, and here was my chance to get saturated with them, an eye and a heart full of these lovely flowers.

Every where we looked there were yet more poppies to behold, and yes I took a lot of pictures =)

When we finally had our fill we sat down to do some sketches in the peaceful landscape with just the sound of a summer morning lulling us into the zone.  A place where artist's go when they are deep into their work.

The charming gardener was putt-sing around in the background pulling weeds and such.  She invited us to stay for lunch.  Even though my time was limited I couldn't resist staying for a quick yummy lunch of tuna salad served outside on the back deck with the view of spender below us.

Thanks so very much Nancy for an absolutely fabulous day! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Cool Summer...

 Come along with me on a posy garden is starting to burst with color
 The cooler weather has really brought the rich colors out

 The garden is starting to be put back together and I am starting to breath in summer, even if the heat isn't here yet.
I can't wait for tomorrow morning.  I am heading off to a field of poppy's.  I am hoping to do some plein air painting and getting some good photographs for further painting projects.  I am sure I will be posting  all about it.  Have a good day friends!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Catch Up

Today we had our first family swim in the pool which was opened on Thursday!  We have a few more projects to complete but things are finally getting put back together =)  The jet system is very strong and baby Avey was having fun being let loose to ride the wave.

 My weekend started with a brand new purchase from REAL DEALS!  One of those things when you are not really looking and bam...that chair belongs in my house!

We had company join us for the weekend and enjoyed visiting some of the vineyard vistas in our local wine country.  It was a gorgeous day spent with precious friends both old and new.
...and yes it is rose be looking for more to come this week when I start posting pic's from my own garden...the roses are calling your name to come visit us!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Farmchicks Super Sister Weekend!

What a super sister weekend with my one and only sibling!  We met almost half way in Spokane Washington from Philipsburg Montana and the Tri Cities.  My sister was a much better photo journaler of our weekend, so be sure to check out Knitting Mania for the full meal deal.   Here is a little sneak peek from my perspective.

 Actually now that I think of it, she took a bunch of photo's of the nursery Northland Rosarium while I was shopping my brains out, and I took a bunch of pictures of The Farmchicks, while she was shopping her brains out. lol
 What is a Farmchick you say?  Well it is a group of women across the US having a ball collecting junk for this show...well not quite =)  Check out the official website here. 

 Sorry for my blurry photo's I was using an Iphone in quick reconnaissance mode, since this place was loaded to the max with ladies.  We were three hours into it when I just had a shut down moment.  I told sis to keep shopping and she could meet me at the food court with my feet up for a spell...oh did I mention we did an Art Festival first thing in the morning before we hit this event.  We did not stop for food or water but carried snacks in our bags.
 So when I got to the food court to take my little break I found out to my utter dismay...thinking I was done for the day...there was another whole huge building we never even knew was tucked back in there.

 I was fascinated by this extremely whimsical re purposed umbrella...wondering to my self how it would hold up in the wind.

While on this weekend journey to Mecca we stayed at The Davenport which I am sure Chris will fill you in on the details.  Quite the treat for both of us.  Best part of it all...chatting it up with sissy lulu!
Back at the Davenport I believe this was the Isabella room.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dear Puddin Toes and Sweet Pea

Momma has asked me to send you both updates to your newly created email.  She thought this would be a great way to journal our times together.  Here is an update on our spring 2011. 

Eden one day you came over for a visit and we made play dough together.   You had a blast making some very pretty dollies. You love projects and making anything with your hands. 

You both love to help Nana bake cookies in her kitchen.  Avey you never want to be left always tell me "I do, I do too!"

 Easter Egg Hunt at Nana's
Avey you were very excited to find your first eggs.

Wow Eden look at all your eggs!
 Avey you turned 2 on May 1st. You are our dear May Day baby.  Here you are sharing your birthday cupcake with your sissy. You are so good at sharing!
Eden I had so much fun visiting you at preschool this year for a tea party. Having tea parties is one of our very favorite things to do!  You also love to come with me when we go visit the nursery for flowers.
Just last week we had a very special tea party in my garden. We used leaves for plates and flower petal's for "candy"  We found a special bell flower for our tea cups.  It was a really fun day in the garden!
When you come to my house I even have special garden cloths for you to wear. You both love playing in the sandbox and pouring sand into each others hair.  You should have seen my bath tub the other day after I washed you all off for Momma.
        Avey you love smelling my roses.  Which is delightful because your middle name is Rose!
One of your new favorite things to do is play ponies together.  I can't wait to see how much fun we will have together this summer in my garden!
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