Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friends at the Well

Tonight as I have gotten a chance to visit around the blogs I like to drop by, I am once again touched by how comforting it is to visit my friends in cyberspace. I find it totally amazing...really! The other day we got together with some friends, and Strider and I (who were neighbors for years) started visiting about our blog land buddies. After a minute or so we looked around and realized nobody else knew who these friends of ours were in cyberspace. I think we both felt a little silly for a second, and then moved on in the conversation to more general topics. I do find it amazing though how wonderful it is to have met so many interesting people on the World Wide Web. I love all of my cyber friends, such a diversity of people. I love how so many people that I visit with share about their faith, family, friends, jobs, hobbies, talents and dreams. I love the fact that even though I am living the PNW, I get to hear from people in Great Britain, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire, the Midwest, and various parts of Canada. How wonderful is that?

I love this form of communication. It makes me feel more connected to life around me. I have mentioned this before…but it makes me think of folks meeting around the old town well, back in Jesus day. It was a place they went everyday to get their daily water. If they ran into someone, they had a little chat. They went back to their households and lived their lives, but some how those daily little visits of chance meetings…were something that added to their lives and made the day a little brighter, and gave a sense of connectedness. In this modern age we live in we hardly say a word to the people around us any more. At work we use emails and blackberries instead of phones and meetings, at the stores we use machines and check ourselves out, even the library these days you use a machine instead of a librarian. My kids have taken classes on line; they don’t see a teacher or a fellow student. It seems like we don’t have to speak to a soul all day long. With my debit card and a machine, I can get my coffee and my food. I even rent my DVD’s now through a machine. Rush, rush rush, we all seem in such a hurry heading for a destination, with little time for the people around us. I find myself getting sucked into that mode very easily. What am I missing out on?

You know Jesus stopped at a well, and sent his disciples off to get some food. He was tired and needed a rest. But when his disciples came back they asked him, aren’t you hungry? He said I have food you don’t even know about…He was about His father’s business, just by sitting down and having a visit with a woman he met at a well. So what am I trying to say here? I’m not sure, a bit of rambling really. But I just love it when I visit at some of your wells and get a refreshing drink and to carry me on my way. I know I have a lot of visitors myself who drop by but don’t leave a comment. My hope is that you found some refreshment for your day…just a bit of a visit, a peek into my week, sometimes a rambling thought… or two. And around my place lots of pictures of flowers… sorry Pappy and Strider ;0) and baby Puddin Toes.

I do want to say thank you to all of you who stop by, and especially to those that leave a comment, to let me know you have dropped in. Have a good week and enjoy your visits around blogland. You never know who is in need of a drink today and who you maybe blessed, to refresh...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sky Watch

My first Sky Watch!

For an interesting way to travel across the globe in one day, go visit Sky Watch hosted by Tom at Wiggers World.

...a little bit of heaven on earth...
This is where we are headed next week for vacation. Haystack at Canon Beach, Oregon. Our favorite yearly destination.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Posies

I was very busy this week with arranging some flowers for a wedding reception at our church. The young bride wanted some very eclectic flower arrangements. She wanted daisy's and white tulips. Her colors were brown and green. It was a challenge for me, but great fun at the same time. We kind of did these simple floral and fruit table scape's.

We grew some grass and had that set on the guest book table, the bar, and the wedding party table...different but quite fun.

And here is the cute little bride. Emily is my daughter's best friend, and while she was getting married Jenna was on her way to Jakarta. We all missed her very much at the wedding...sad

Thought you might like to see their simple but elegant cake too!
I will be posting about Jenna sometime this week as pictures come in from Jakarta. She is already in love with the people of this city and eating some mighty spicy food.

It is a little hot, but my daughter is safe and blessed to be spending the next three months in serving this community.

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Secret Garden...

It is a Garden Party, click here to take the tour

This is the back view of my home with the desert coming right up to our back yard…so hence the oasis in the desert theme. But...just this week we turned it into a secret garden!

I am so excited to have a new wall around my fairly new garden. We kept the back open to our fabulous wetland/sage steppe view.
At the front of my house you really have to come into the courtyard to see what is going on in there. Just a little peek is visible from the street. Then if you are a friend, you may come to the back of my garden, to see my secret. Our lovely borrowed vista that we so love and enjoy.

So come take a look around, you are an invited guest...things are still growing, but give this garden just a few more years and it will be a bit of Eden...right here in our backyard.

This is looking out from the back porch
Turning south from the porch you can see my new wall. Now you must envision roses filling the tops of the arbors...
Just a bit closer now...
This is looking down the south side wall to the front of the street
Now we are looking at the north side of my porch, at our eating nook window
A close up of my Canterbury Bells that I seeded the first year, they have gone crazy
I often use these kinds of plants till the perennials fill in

This is looking back out to the desert from this gardenlooking north east you can see our garden shed and behind the roses a bit of the potager

there is my north wall

I have lilies coming up in this bed
Looking out to the street again. Can you imagine a black rod iron gate?

The front of my house, with the courtyard

here is a closer look at some of my plants
the penstemons were amazing this year

more lilies

and this is what I do with some of my blooms
But the best thing growing in my garden this year...

Is Puddin Toe's my first grandchild!

The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer to God's heart in the garden
Than anywhere else on earth

Dorothy Gurney
1858 - 1952

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Creative Force With In

This is something I have been pondering a lot lately…creativity and what that all really means in my life. My pastor has been speaking on this subject off and on for the last three years. He has encouraged us to let the creative aspect of who we are have an out let in our lives. He very much sees this as one of the pathways in getting to know our Creator better. His encouragement along with the whisper of the Holy Spirit in my heart, have encouraged me to give time to this part of who I am. To at least notice that part of me and know that it has real value. I am still trying to grasp the concept and allow the creativity that God has blessed me with, to find its freedom in expressing what moves my soul. You see what moves you, is often related to the God given talents and gifts that you were given when in secret He designed you in your mothers womb. Sometimes this part of us just comes oozing out in our daily lives. My pastor asked the question, “What do you do, and what do you dream about when you have time to yourself.” Of course those same longings and passions can be perverted into things that harm. But if you follow your good passions, where do they lead you?

I have been noticing people around me and even some of you out in there in blog land, what you are doing in the natural can often be a clue to what you were created for in the spiritual realm. For example: one friend who has been a fireman, a policeman, and an emergency medical tech. in his everyday job, has found himself drawn to volunteer work serving as a hospital Chaplin, leading an evangelistic team in a state prison…and other forms of spiritual rescue. You see in the natural he rescues people from the dangers of the physical world, but in the spiritual realm he rescues people from the spiritual dangers we all face. His gifts, talents and passions draw him to help those around him.

My pastor shared a quote with us at church the other day by John Elderidge. I kind of got it a little mixed up and found myself unknowingly at first adding to it. I am not naturally gifted with words as some of our friends are, like Strider, and Pappy, but this is what I ended up with, and I kind of like it better than J.E. original quote. :o)

Desire reveals Passion
Passion reveals Design
Design reveals Gifting
Gifting reveals Destiny

So I love to grow and watch things grow. Gardening is something I am passionate about...what do I do for a job? I teach young people more about God and especially about their relationship with Him. I also teach art, by showing people how to perceive the world around them through drawing. I love teaching, and growing. I see the correlation. What is important to me by the way God designed me is to help others grow.

So do you know what God has created you to be…what tends to ooze out of you when you follow the passion and creativity He placed inside of you…to be who and what God intended you to be?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tag, your it!

I have been tagged by Strider, and he has also tagged my sis, and she has got the jump on me... (used all my tags)

I have two new features going on here at In a Garden...

I put a play list on my blog, you have to scroll way down to the bottom if you would like to listen to some music while visiting...(you will have to turn it on)

Weekly I will be showing in my header what is growing and blooming this week in my garden.

After all this is supposed to be a bit of a garden themed blog, and this is my first real garden in about three years. Yeah!!! I am very excited by all my blossoms.

So here is my rather boring life...stuff

1. What was I doing 10 years ago:

Wow that seems like forever ago…my first born Joshua was a junior in High School playing football. I was finishing up my last year of home schooling out of eight. My daughter Megan was finishing Jr. High. And Jenna was 8 years old just starting to play sports… (She just finished playing last year as a senior with her volleyball team making it all the way to state woohoo!)

My husband and I were heavily involved with the youth program at church…I was a very busy mommy!

2. My five favorite snacks:

cheese, crackers, and wine
salads, I love veggies
chocolate…lately it has been almond joy bars?

3. Five things on my to do list today:

Relax it is Sunday

Make salmon and a berry topping for cheesecake to be served at my daughter’s house tonight for our Father’s Day get together.

Call my sis

Go to my daughter’s house and play with Puddin Toes!

Did I say relax…it is Sunday


Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Pay off our house and buy a vacation home at the beach for family and friends to gather at.

Set up trust funds for family

I would love to think up a million ways to bless people who God would put on our hearts, especially mission work…for people who are physically, spiritually and emotionally hungry.

Travel to Europe…than South America, Vietnam, South Pacific

Buy a yacht fully manned and travel to various ports of call and give missionaries a vacation on our boat, while we droped off people to fill in for a week or two.

5. Five jobs that I've had:

House Parents for a State run home for boys
Mommy (my biggest job ever!)
Art Teacher
Bible Teacher

6. Five bad habits of mine…goll there are way more than five

Hence “looking at the glass half empty”
Exercising too little
Eating too much
Mothering my children...when it is time "to let the children go!" It is hard to stop being mommy.
Impatient when I go shopping...Yuck I hate to shop

7. Five places I've lived

Stoughton, Massachusetts
Willingboro, New Jersey
Yorktown Heights, New York
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Tri Cities, Washington

8. Five random things people wouldn't know about me

I am messy at heart…I keep a clean house because of my upbringing, but in my heart I want a maid…

I am fascinated by other cultures and their lifestyles

We had a refugee family from Vietnam live with us when they were brand new immigrants into this country.

Prayer and especially intercessory prayer has been a big part of my Christian life…

In high school I was a hippie, living 20 minutes from Woodstock, N.Y.

9. Five cds that I'd have to have on a desert island

This one is tough, because I am not a huge music fan; I like soft background music, or something spiritually penetrating…

Basically all music bores me after awhile…I’d rather have a sketch pad and a good supply of pencils and erasers on a desert island, maybe a little tray of water colors and a brush… for sound I am good with birdsong, and waves crashing... a little breeze through the palm trees...

10. People I want to get to know better... yes you've been "TAGGED"

I have decided to tag some of the lesser known bloggers on my list(except Cielo) The first two are my daughters...let's see if they will play?

Turning Bright in the Sea

Through a Daughter's Eyes

The House in Roses

Only in the Storm

Nana is Living the Dream!
Happy Father's Day

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sound in My Soul

I have been inspired greatly by DeeDee over at Love White Linen
Her music sets the mood and tone of her blog. It is very relaxing for me to listen to her music choices. I spent the day with a good friend of mine this week giving her a little tutorial on blogging...and together we figured out how to put a playlist on our blogs. It was a bit of a thrilling moment for both of us. She who knows nothing about blogging, I who know next to together we figured this out. So I would like to announce to my blogging buddies that I have a playlist at the bottom of my blog and if you would like to listen to the music that stirs my heart, you may float down to the bottom and turn on the playlist while you are browsing here. Following is an example of my selection by this amazing worship leader Misty Edwards....enjoy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Award Day

Sorry this has been a two day process...check out my new award winning blogs!
I was given a couple of blog awards these past few weeks, which was so sweet of both the awarders...The first award was from my sis at Knitting Mania, who is currently looking at green meadows and snow capped mountains (see her blog) She is fairly new to blog land but has caught on fast and is enjoying the friends we both have made here.

The rules on these awards are to pass them on to others so worthy of their name. Please know if I name you as a recipient don't feel obliged. Just know that I would like to honor your presence in my daily dose of blogland. If you would like to pass them on and so honor other fellow bloggers please do!

I myself enjoy receiving awards, and enjoy giving them out, but I don't let myself feel pressured to do so, till I find the time to enjoy it!

So here we go five blogs that make my day...

5 Blogs that Make My Day

Here's the rules:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver
3. Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news.

Pappy's Balderdash If you like a little balderdash, with your morning coffee go check out this
fairly new blog that is both eclectic and entertaining as he had hoped. The man definitely has a way with words. He can write a poem, or a story that melts your heart, or makes you giggle. By his definition: Balderdash - is not a rapidly receding hair line, but rather senseless talk, or writing; nonsense, but when he gets on the subject of politics he doesn't pull any punches.
Pappy I know you have already received this award, so don't feel obligated. I just thought some of my readers might enjoy your blog as much as I do.

Strider is actually a family friend of ours. He was doing a bit of lurking around blog land, and some how I talked him into starting his own blog. Well he has taken off and hit his stride quite quickly in this medium. Strider has a gift of communicating and in his laid back unassuming way he is able to give us a daily dose of wisdom, with a great sense of humor, that gives you much food for thought as you go on you way. He likes to see the parables in life situations that bring you to a conclusion that there really is only one way.

My Messy, Thrilling Life This gal Brin has the art of living down pat. She can whip up a meal, plant a garden, travel off to foreign lands, give a Monday devotional that blesses your heart, decorate, knit, sew, run an Esty shop, bakery, all that and do her real job, which is being an oil broker. She has a big following, but it is always fun to see how she is living out her life...did I mention she is writing a book....

A Haven for Vee This is one popular lady. I went to give her this award, and she already had just received two others. So if you have not run into this charming gal, you need to drop in and get a peek around her blog. Vee's blog can update you on her slowly receding snow pile (she lives in New England) or keep you in the know on blog land itself. She hits many blogs a day and participates in many blog events, bringing together many folks, with different interests. I told her she should write for a news paper. She is definitely a gatherer of information. I always feel my world growing larger when I visit Vee's place. And watch out for her dry wit and sense humor, she keeps a good focus on what is good and positive about life.

Grace Here is a little known blog because the blogger is very low keyed about her presences in blogland. She likes to fly under the radar. Her blog if full of true beauty that shines out of her soul into all that she touches. Whether it be a poem, a spiritual truth, or some marvelous photos. This is one special gal and she is only 18. But with a maturity of spirit that defies her years. Do check out this special place. I don't know if she will be blogging much longer...she is leaving for a six month YWAM mission in a few weeks...stop by and leave her a prayer and a blessing for her commitment to following Him!

This next award is for creativity...given to me by my dear friend Barbara over at Ramblings from and English Garden. This blog is such and inspiring place to visit on all levels for me. She is a woman of great spiritual strength, a love for God and all that He has created. If you want a good read of a life inspired by the King check out her "My Story" You will have to go back to the first one and read it forward.

Arte y pico

1. Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.
2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog.
3. Each award winner (upon acceptance) should show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award.
4. Show the link of Arte y Pico blog , so everyone will know the origin of this award.
5. Show these rules.

Love White Linen DeeDee has created a blog that welcomes you into her world of pure southern elegance and hospitality. I know when I get a chance to drop by her blog, usually late at night, I am going to find music to quiet my spirit, pictures of beauty and grace, and words that come from a gentle heart. Truly a delightful spot to rest my soul. Thank you DeeDee for sharing this virtual home of yours with all of us.

Much Ado About Something Sara's blog is a fascinating creative adventure. If you like fine paintings, beautiful photographs, thoughtful quotes, and good literature this is the blog for you to go check out. She will take you on many of her walking tours through southern CA. But if you give her a chance she will take your mind on tours of the world...check out her book lists!!!!!!!!!
I owe to her the great discovery of an old but new author to me Elizabeth Goudge.

The Birdbath Chronicles Lavinia is a lady that has a lot to say about many, many aspects of life. She is a woman that loves and appreciates art in its many forms. She loves a good painting, but also enjoys films and the beauty of the earth around her. She is a bit of a chatter box, and can give it right back to some of our more witty bloggers with friendly heart felt banter. She is a lover of animals, whether it be her best buddy Mr. Bebbers, or the neighborhood birds. She is one interesting fun loving gal.

Tea In My Cup Now if you enjoy the fine art of tea making, go no further, this is the place you for you. Alice has all kinds of resources on her blog for every recipe, every tea party idea and so much inspiration on how to bring tea into every occasion of life. This is my go to place for Tea's. Something I do love to do from time to time for my dear friends. Just reading all her recipes with her beautiful pictures of lovely table and place settings, makes me want to have a Tea everyday. Alice’s’ blog is such a civilized place of beauty and the fine art of Tea

4Reluctant Entertainers Sandy is perfecting and teaching the true art of hospitality over at her place. A friend of mine recently read her blog and was so inpired by Sandy's vision of using hospitality to serve others, that my friends whole paradymn shifted. This gal knows how to entertain, and do it with style and ease. She can teach you how to give in this area with out the stress and fuss. Just a labor of love that reaps much, much blessing to all who are the blessed recipents of her gifting.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A weekend wrap up

Last weekend I had 3 showers and wedding. This weekend it was 3 graduations...whew.
I know I am going to crash on Monday. So here is a quick wrap up of my weekend.

These are the pictures I promised of the Interns graduation. I am really going to miss this group of kids. As Pastor Jon put it, "it was the most successful intern year we have had."

If you missed the post about these amazing kids, check it out here.

I also had some fun doing a few simple flower arrangements before my weekend got under full swing. So every time I came home through out the weekend, even though I was not in my garden I got to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

One last picture. Pardon me for really bragging a bit here :0) When I was at the Intern Graduation I couldn't help but stare at the fruits of my labor as I was looking around this garden. My dear non-gardening friend and Intern director Pastor Angie had asked me to help her design a low maintenance garden a few years ago. I couldn't help but pleased with the results as everything was in full bloom and at its peek.

Here are the kids in return praying and blessing her, as their director and spiritual leader for this year.

I will be catching up on everybody blogs tomorrow :) I hope you all had a great weekend too! My heart is full with the goodness of my King!
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