Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip

You would think from my blog I am very much a homebody. I am pretty content flouncing around my garden all summer long, but once in awhile we do have to leave. For those of you that like to see the sites, here is a photo journal of last weekend's trip to Seattle.  I will have to break this into two parts.

This is the wedding we were attending...sixty thousand groomsmen and brides were actually twelve of each, but as they began to line up the crowd started to giggle.

Above is my gorgeous daughter Meg. Below are the gorgeous bridal bouquets...I am like a humming bird...drawn to flowers everywhere I go  =)
 We will start our tour with Saturday morning in downtown Seattle on a fairly sunny morning.  We had breakfast with the family at Portage Bay. Then Jenna Dear wanted to do some shopping while the grand girlies went to the Seattle Science Center.
After shopping I wanted to wander down to Pike's Market.  I think this may be one of the most photographed signs in Seattle. 
 Post Alley on the way down to the market. Wished I had more time to explore.

My nose found these first, nothing like the scent of sweet peas.  I must remember to grow some next year!  Can you believe that price?
Truth be told...all I really wanted to do at Pike's Place Market was to see the flowers!
Behind the scenes

Do you see the prices on these giant bouquets?

Jenna Dear and Dan in West Seattle. We were stopping by to say hi to Jenna's new boyfriend who was working here at the time.  Wow... we had quite an adventure getting there from downtown.  Let's just say even the GPS was stumped  =I   The coffee was amazing though I must say.

Typical inner city detours and a big what have you mess.

Stay tuned for Part more flowers I promise

Monday, July 18, 2011

Posy Walk

 Persian Market daylily hanging out with lavender and oregano flowering in the background

This new rose Pink Traviata is already a favorite

Forever Summer hydrangea's starting

I love this salvia, but it barely survives our winter and never gets very robust
 Hollyhock dolls and my little garden helper =)

Summer is moving along quickly and I am trying to savor every moment.  Next post we are going on a road trip, and finally leave my garden for a change =)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer time, summer time, sum sum summer time

Da dah!  Summer is here the pool is finally finished...well almost.  Contracter still has the concrete coating to finish and the pool tile edging to be installed BUT my work is DONE!  I never could have imagined how hard this was going to be on both my husband and I.  We were much younger fifteen years ago when the first Rutherford pool was installed.  LOL

So here are the before and after photo's...finally!

 The big dig in October

 My winter view
 Fence going in
The never ending sprinkler re-do =(
 First pool day with family =)
I planted the last flower this morning. The baby grass is filling in nicely.  Sorry the pool was covered, but we had a delightful wind storm going on!
 Before they tore up my side yard
 and then put in an UGLY mess of equipement
I was thrilled with the garden wall solution to hide the mess =]
I think I was crying when this was my spring vision =(  Definitely whining anyway at this point.
 Much better!
 In this little strip garden up against the wall, I removed two out of control climbing roses and replaced them with four clematis, one of which is in bloom now, two miniature roses, and for me a new hydrangea called "Twist and Shout"
Here is to the rest of my summer to relax and enjoy!  We have given ourselves a strick more projects till next spring!
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