Friday, November 23, 2007

Blessings of the Day

Some excerpts from our family Thankful Journal. I know this is a bit on the corny side. But I'll tell you what, a confession of thanks, resets the soul.

Nov. 18th
The weather is beautifully over cast; alowing for quick moments of relaxation... the beauty that the Lord created is constantly proving His love for us, that He would put so much effort to give us slidding moments of peace... J.R.

Nov. 19th
Thank you God for a packed day, full of life…and the blessing to be able to enjoy the little moments. C.R.

Nov. 20th
I am thankful for every time like this, to just be with friends, and family where we truly love each other and laugh! A.Mc

Nov. 20th
I am thankful for the goodness of God that allows us to just be. Also, I am thankful for times of today! S

Nov. 20th
I am thankful for people around me that bring edification and encouragement. It is such a blessing. R.H.

Nov. 20th
What a beautiful blessing to have a God who loves to lavish, to dress my heart with sweet joy, and guide me to the quiet waters...I delight in your revelation. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you. Bless your precious name. H.C.

Thank you for the abundance of so much blessing in this house, this state, this land, and our family. C.R.

Nov. 25th
I am thankful for the best year of my life with the birth of my sweet daughter. M.B.

Nov. 25th
I am a blessed man, thankful for my family, my wife, sons and daughters, and now a granddaughter. D.R.

What are you thankful for?

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Barbara said...

Beautiful and I wonder who got all the attention.

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