Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been tagged by Nanatrish to share 6 small/unspectacular quirks about myself and tag 6 others.

Okay this one is funny...I think I have more than six quirks, but I will try to hold it down ;0) I can't wait to award this one, because frankly I think we are all a bit quirky here in blogland...I love it :]

1. my elbows are double jointed and it really weirds most people out...they turn around and bend backwards.

...lets see I am trying to discern my quirks from my passions...since a lot of my passions are quirky...

2. I don't know if this counts but I have this thing for not following a recipe. When I first got married and decide I should learn to sounded creative right? I would read 2-3 recipes and than combine them with what sounded good to me and dahdah! Well it drove my husband nuts...he always wanted to know "What the name of the dish was?" Well...I would just have to make up a name. With the Internet at my finger tips this has really upped my experimentation's. You can look at three or four recipes, glean out the best parts and there you have it. Only problem is I am not always able to recreate my combos. That also really drives my husband crazy.

3. I am not prone to schedules... I have a hard time planning things and making myself follow a plan...(related to number 2) I especially love spontaneity.

4. I love to live via piles. Now I have always kept a fairly clean house but my secret is that I am really a real messy. I have to have things clean and sanitary, but I love messy piles of stuff. Piles of books, piles of magazines, piles of art work, piles of all kinds of projects really. I keep it contained to a room or two, and I try using baskets (piles with a handle) but if I were a hermit living all by myself I would simply live with piles of stuff and everything would be so accessible.

5. I love to rearrange my garden more than most woman like to rearrange their living room. Only problem is, it is much more difficult to move a tree, than a coach.

6. I cut my own hair. I sometimes just look at my hair in the morning and start whacking away. I maybe get a professional cut once, sometimes twice a year. I drive the man crazy who does it. I just have never been able to fully express to someone what I want them to do. I must look like a scarecrow half the time with my chopped hair... as my sister rolls her eyes and nods her head =/

So I am tagging: Barbara, Knitting Mania, Pappy, Vee, Judy, and anyone else that would like to give it a shot?


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You cut your own hair? Here I have been thinking that you have the most wonderful hairdresser on the West Coast...well, perhaps you do!

This must be the one that Nanatrish got me for, too. So I'll do as many as I can think of in honor of you both. That'll probably be one for each...I'm not one bit weird. ;D

A Woman Who is: said...

Vee: That would be my sister (Knitting Mainia) who always seems to find the best hairdresser and the cutest cuts...she even won best hair in highschool =]

Mom T. said...

I did not know you were double jointed. I want to see this. Ann

Lavinia said...

Your hair looks great! Like Vidal Sassoon himself did it...

I can't resist snipping away at my bangs...whenever they seem to me to need it...

Love the new 'grandma and grampa and pudding toes' pic...!

Knitting Mania said...

Aww...thanks for the nice compliment sis! I think Jeremy did a great job on your hair this last time.

I'll have to think on this tag for a couple of days and then get to it!


MARIA said...

Thank you for sharing.
Nr2 is very often close to me.

Have a blessing Sunday
and your lovely family!

Judy said...

I'm tagged? Give me a few days to catch my breath...and I'll play!

I have that quirky habit of cutting my hair as well...I usually stay away from the back though!

Alice said...

Piles with handles! That had me giggling as I read it.

Barbara said...

1 and 6 definitely not,3 and 4 I am with you, 5 yes, but not any longer - too m uch hard work.

Well my n ame is Barbara but without a link cannot be sure it is me!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha! Ha!
Actually I have already had this from someone else and it is on the b ack burner.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Your sister does have be-uuu-ti-ful hair! I think you both got it from the same place.

Where've you been? I've missed you!

Just letting you know that my post on quirks is up. ;>

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