Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wow...MORE SNOW !!!!!!!

I must preface this statement with the fact that even though I am a fifty something woman, and most folks my age don't like snow...I am after all a New England gal.  Even though I only lived in that glorious region for the first twelve years of my life. SNOW was a huge part of my child hood existence. It was 3 weeks during the winter season of snow days.  It was slinging a pair of skates over my shoulders on a snowy day to head out into the woods for an afternoon skate at a secret swamp where I could skate in and out of the trees frozen in the midst of the ice. It was sledding down gigantic hills with frozen toes and icy cheeks, then heading home for hot chocolate and marshmallow fluff (way better than just plain old marshmallows!)  It was lots of shoveling, fort building and snowman rolling.

In the desert the snow has a completely different look.  It is wide open spaces contrasted with sagebrush and golden yellow native bunch grass, instead of dark evergreens with frosting gathering on the limbs. In the desert it is a rare commodity, and I treasure the comfort of a closed in world with life coming to a slow stop. A time for me like today to contemplate the New Year. What will it bring?  My season in life has definitely changed. Each year brings new challenges, and new delights. Gone are the days of daily family raising. Here is a new adventure of possibilities and brand new dreams. I don't see my life as coming to some kind of ending yet. I see new freedoms and possibilities. Dare I hope for new adventures???  How will we spend the autumn season of our lives? Yes we will continue to pour into our children and those precious blessings of grandchildren which light the pathways to the continued generational blessing. But what if ...God has a new adventure, a new direction previously not contemplated? Today I was listening to Loren Cunningham  speaking   (founder of YWAM) at IHOP  at the One Thing Conference. What a life he has led, and what a tremendous amount of doorways he has facilitated for many a young person to explore in the world of sharing the gospel with every people group on the face of the planet. He sees the possibilities as God has called him to GO.  Maybe I am destined to stay  in this place and share the love of God right here in my adult geographical location...but secretly I wonder "What if God asked me to GO?" would I, could I, should I?  Only the good Lord knows what my future holds, and I totally trust Him to guide me and shut and open the doors of future adventures and dreams.  But on a cold snowy winter's night, the begining of this new year 2010, I can only wonder, wait, anticipate and see what the Lord has in store for me.

Blessings to you and your dreams, your hopes and aspirations. I do hope and pray that as you look to your  future you see the endless possibilities as our great big God, He who is bigger then previously thought or could be imagined, can inspire and lead you into this New Year.


Von said...

Happy New Year, Cindy! I'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us - I know it's good. :)

Vee said...

It's snowing on both sides of the country today. I loved your description of childhood in New England. You've captured it so very well.

We never know what the Lord has in store for us. It sounds as if you are ready for anything.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your thoughts! It is a new season, a new decade, always a fresh start, as we enter 2010. I believe it will be a year marked by great faith adventures with the Living God.
I was remembering the New Years eve we stopped by your house a couple years ago. You were so gracious to take us in :)


Knitting Mania said...

Enjoy the lovely winter wonderland for me too! We should be skating on that pond that Dad always took us too. Good memories eh?

Lovely post sis...well ya never know if the Lord leads in a new direction...keep your heart open and your eyes on Him! It's never too late to have NEW dreams and adventures...hey look at us!

Missing you so much!!! Love you!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm ready...whatever the new year may hold. Thanks for your encouraging words...and many blessings to you in 2010!

gracie said...

Wow. Just found you through "A Contemplative Joy." What a LOVELY set of photos you have posted. Your grandchildren are so so sweet. Loved the gingerbread house sequence.

Blessings in 2010. I'll be back!


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Blessings to you in 2010. It's been snowing for days here in Vermont. Tomorrow there is a winter storm warning. Like you, I wonder what is next now that the children are grown. I'm confident in our Great God who shows us the way. ~Kathy

Barbara said...

What a beautiful and interesting photo. Do not imagine snow in the dessert then I guess that when I am thinking of dessert I am thinking of the Sahara.

Beautiful writing about your thoughts in this new year.

So glad that Grandma is recovering even if only slowly. Some great pics of the children.


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