Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Cousin John Part II

I know this account of my family stay-cation is more for us and a documentation of our time together. If your interested join along as I feature the last of our highlights of this time together.
Pictured above was a little creation I came upon one night for dessert. I had planned on grilling fresh peaches, but hubby wasn't too thrilled with starting the barbecue up again...sooo.

I tried a little peach saute on the stove top. Mmmm let's call is Peaches a'la Cindy :)
2 tsp. butter(melt butter in pan)

sliced peaches (3-4) (drop in peaches as you are slicing)

1/2 cup of sugar sprinkled over peaches while sauteing on stove top

a squeeze of 1/4 of a lemon (right into the pan)

a handful of blueberries (I think raspberries would be good too as pictured above)

2 tlb. of orange marmalade (I think apricot or peach jam would work too)

Don't over cook here, just a gentle simmer, I like my peaches still fresh tasting.

At the end I stirred in about 1 1/2 tsp. of almond extract.

Served warm over vanilla ice cream. We used light vanilla frozen yogurt. It was deeee-licious! I have already served it 2x.

After Pat and Chris left us we went on a days outing to MaryHill Winery and museum.

Such beautiful vista's looking down the gorge to the Columbia River.

This is a specific appellation where they apparently can grow some Zinfandel grapes because of the warmer climate in proximity to the river.

We made one other stop on the way home to Columbia Crest which is one of our biggest state winery's. It was a beautiful building and we got to taste some great wines here.
One night for dessert I introduced my cousins to a Tim Tam Slam (click here if you don't know what that is) His approach was serious...

and his technique impeccable...

the results were satisfying :))))))))
a desert walk
As I mentioned in an earlier post we went to see the movie Julie and Julia. To my delight I was gifted with this new anniversary addition of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" from my cousin as a thank you. I can't wait for a good fall chill to hit the air and I will be making my very first Boeuf Bourguignonne.

This was John after the movie cooking dinner for us ..a la Julia Child - lol - accent included :D

Notice the moppina over the shoulder classic Italian style

This was a chicken dish with artichokes, black olives, garlic, and tomato sauce. Apparently making up dishes runs in the family. One of John's homemade specials!

One last night was spent at Tagaris with live music and a stunning Seattle chef. I had this yummy chicken with a tarragon pesto rub. And of coarse the Bison was a big hit with the guys.

Thanks for coming along my summer journey. Now a time of rest before the fall activities.

I am treasuring these last few weeks of summer. How about you?


nanatrish said...

This is a wonderful post. It looks like a fun time and fun people. It seems like you guys always have fun around you. Wish I could zap up there. :)

Sara said...

Lots of good food and conversation and family! Sounds perfect.

I love those wide open spaces you have in your area.

Bunny Jeans Decor... and More! said...

I want to say "thank you" for stopping by my blog! I started it a few weeks back because I felt a need to connect with other creative people. It seems that everyone is too busy to take time to make a new friend, but in blog land it is easier.

I am from Washington State and really enjoyed seeing your staycation pictures. But most of all, the pictures of your beautiful grandbabies! You are SOoooo blessed to have them nearby...

Knitting Mania said...

Loving this post of the family Sis. I've come back to it a few times now really taking in all the pics. Wow "Mary Hill" and "Columbia Crest", gorgeous, guess we really missed out!

Love the photo's of John making dinner with Dan....I bet dinner was tasty.

Miss you---

Dustye said...

Cindy I really enjoyed the pictures that you posted of the great visit you had with you family. I saw you in some of the pictures and you are looking just great. What a fun time you all can see it in everyone's face. Keep enjoying those good times friend....

Barbara said...

Enjoyed the summer with you and tried to forget that you were all sick.

Good to see the men preparing such a good looking meal.

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