Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun, fun evening for me. I Loved the Art Walk in downtown Kennewick last Thursday.  I met some new artsy friends and sold my first painting! Thanks for hosting us Kennewick Bridge! Jesus, prayer, Amber White music, inspirational art with John, Robby and Amelia.  I don't know how an evening could have suited me better. 

Only wish I had taken a photo of my "loose water florals" on display.  I was just to animated by the people and the events to think about it.  I was stunned when some lady actually bought one of my pictures.  One more event like this in September.  I hope I can get myself to paint some more.  I fell in love with a local artist Laura Gables.  I am hoping to get some lessons from her this fall.  I especially love how she uses color!

I am linking her blog under my artsy stuff.


podso said...

Congratulations on the painting sale! It should inspire you to do more I'd think! How's the mac coming, and more importantly, how is your husband doing?

BTW I always enjoy visiting your blog and starting first with a view out your kitchen window--so lovely!

Gayle said...

Congratulations on selling your first painting! That in itself can be a great motivator to paint more. I've recently joined The Sketchbook Project 2011. It should keep me artsy till the end of the year at least.

Haven't been able to keep up with all my favorite blogs I follow, but because you have a link to mine, I'm reminded in my google alerts about yours and peek in every now and then.

Keep painting!

Vee said...

Yay for selling your picture! I don't know how artists can do it because it must feel like losing a part of oneself, but still! Laura really does use color in fascinating ways. I was just visiting the link you provided and watching her paintings scroll past. Very interesting!

Just a little something from Judy said...

Congratulations in selling your artwork. After seeing some of your work, I think this will be only the beginning for you. Will you remember us when you are famous?:)

a woman who is said...

well I am painting this week, but I am painting my walls...what was I thinking ;0

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