Friday, November 19, 2010

Knee Deep in Fun!

This is what my table won't look like this year...hehehe

"I hope that you're still knee-deep in fun because you've not be heard from in eight days! :D Sounds wonderful to's wonderful to have extended lengths of time to be together. "

A sweet comment from Vee, wondering if I am still having fun.  So I thought I would get in a quick response and update for all.  We are going on I think week three of Babies in the House.  Auntie Christina (my sister) and Uncle Pat pulled into town today.  They are now residing in the "French Room" as Chris has dubbed it.  My husband's study on the main floor with french sliding doors.  They have a brand new queen size blow up mattress on the floor for beddy time.  Puddin Toes can't figure out why they have their own special room =)  P.T. and baby sis are in the two up stairs bedrooms with mom and dad.  Jenna dear is flying in Tuesday night.  I have a rolling single bed under the upstairs daybed that will be her sleeping quarter in the loft.  On Wednesday Josh is coming with doggy Frances.  Josh will have his own new blow up bed in the great room on the main floor since he goes to bed the latest, and I guess Frances will be in the laundry room.  Our house is a mear 2400 sq. ft. But we are all cramming in here.  Don't worry though I plan on taking video and pictures of all The Rutherford Family Camp Granada experiences.  LOL

Am I still knee deep in fun....oh my YES!  As long as we all keep laughing about it.  I have doled out Thanksgiving for everyone to make something.  Jenna started whining about a pot luck Thanksgiving and then saw everyone else jumping in and  finally gave in under pressure and decided to make her Grandmother's deviled eggs.   I think I have 15 for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am breaking many a Rutherford tradition here, but what the heck I might even go all the way  and buy paper plates...nice ones of coarse =}

Meg and Ty are in a whirlwind as the last but hectic and final details of their house are underway.  I was out all day planting...I am their landscape designer/worker bee.  I had some great helpers, but my body is protesting =/  Seriously this is a season that will never come our way again, and I am catching every hug and kiss, every squeeze and love that I can hold on to and treasure for many years to come.  I even quit cooking and cleaning, and threw Costco pizza at everyone tonight. You have no idea how far I have come  =)))))

Oh we are still in the middle of pool hoopla...first bad thing happened today...I do need some prayer and help from God on this one.  The pipes and mechanical stuff are smack dab in the middle of my walk way instead of up against the house where I thought they were putting it.  Contractor is saying he can't make it work any other way...yikes I need a solution by tomorrow !!!!

If I don't get back on here till then...everyone of you dear folks have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!!  


melissa said...

You silly. Sounds as if you're simply giddy with the fun, and your house is plenty big to handle that crew---blow-up beds and all. It just gets cozy!

Enjoy all of it. And hope/pray that you get the pool problems settled smoothly.

Take care! :)

Vee said...

Funny table isn't going to look like that either. I just found out this morning that we are hosting Thanksgiving once again after all. I'm going to try to come as far as you have and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Now the descriptions of your guests' beds as "blow up beds" just made me giggle hysterically. I know that I am tired when this happens. Hope everyone stays warm and cozy and cuddly. It's going to be a Thanksgiving to remember!

Vee said...

Oh, and ugh about the pipes. Hope that a workable solution can be found. There's always a surprise in every construction project!

podso said...

The pizza sounds like a wise choice. What a busy household you have right now--with more coming. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I said a prayer for a solution ...

Knitting Mania said...

Having fun at "Camp Granada"!!! I think that's a song!! LOL

God is Love said...

hi, your stories was cute. you have had a very exciting life. hmmm, inspired and fun to read with your busy sched.:)but sorry to hear about your new project.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Sure does sound like a fun and quite busy time for your family. Offered a prayer for you as I read through your post, knowing full well how much prayer you will need to keep on being pleasant, fun,and patient in all of your roles through the next few days. You are creating special memories however your Thanksgiving table looks. Keep looking up! They are fortunate to have you in their lives.

Sara said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your've certainly got a full house! Blessings to all.

Barbara said...

I am sure you are having a great time with your sister and all the family, especially with Jenna home.

Sending every blessing for your thanksgiving time.

Anonymous said...

So JEALOUS, of course in the Christian way !! I love a full house, so looking forward to the grand-parenting season:))))

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