Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recap on Spring

24x24 oil on canvas

Thought I would bring my few readers I have left...after such a sporadic season of blogging up to speed.

1. My January Whole Living Action plan has been paying off.  I have lost about 30lbs.  More importantly for me is that my eating habits have gotten so refined and healthy.  It has become a lifestyle change.  Lots more fruits and veggies. Through this gentle food detox plan I found out that wheat was not my friend...never would have suspected...bye bye to pasta =(   I thought some of you might be wondering how that went but were too polite to ask.  How gracious of you!

2. We are finally adjusting to having Jenna Dear home... it was a two way street =}  Not that we all don't dearly love each other, it is just that a 22 year old moving home again adjustment.

3. My son moved to Minnesota to start a CSA farm called Capable Carrot...check out the blog this visiting intern couple did for some great pictures.  City&Farm

4. I was the featured artist last month in our local Art Walk much to my surprise.  I have really enjoyed getting connected to other artists and folks in downtown Kennewick.  Lovely feeling!   Until last spring I didn't even know we had a community art walk.  I have felt so led to get involved and connected with my community in the last year or so, but had no idea what that was going to look like.  For now it seems to be through this monthly art walk.  I love getting to know the town and the business owners.

 I  also wanted to mention how very much I do appreciate all my friends in blogland.  I have been very blessed by all your comments and encouragement over the years.   <3  No I am not leaving blogland,  I just thought it was time to put into words how much you have all meant to me.

 Haha this was not inspired by Oprah...I had already written this just before I watched her last show...I must have picked up her energy ;)


Knitting Mania said...

I'm feeling the love, that is an Oprah saying! ;)

Great update...

podso said...

You have been busy with wonderful things. Congratulations on the artwalk. We have "art crawls" here in a part of our city--maybe that means we're still babies here. :-) We've been once and it was delightful, need to go more often, Congratulations on sticking to your lifestyle change. You look wonderful in that picture with Puddin Toes who seems very excited to have her grandma at school with her! Hope things in the yard smooth out ... enjoy spring!


Vee said...

I didn't watch Oprah's last show so would've missed the connection without your mentioning it.

Glad to know that things are going well with the diet and that you are feeling so much better. Are you able to enjoy gluten-free pastas?

Congrats on being the featured artist. That's quite an honor and it must feel good to be involved in community.

A 22 year old at home...yes, an adjustment. I knew that your son must be up to somethin' because I saw him visiting his auntie. Hope that all goes well with his endeavors.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Well, it's certainly good to have you back. You've been doing some great things, and how wonderful to make some new friends in the local artist community!

CSA farms - sounds great. I visited the sites to see what that was all about. Seems like a very worthwhile thing to devote one's time to.

Barbara said...

And what an adjustment it is when adult children come and go and often come and go again!

So glad that you are not leaving blogland.

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