Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello Life Screaming By!

 Out for dinner on our 36th Wedding flying by us at break neck speed =)
 The roses are in full bloom and I have little time to spend with them, but I get at least one posy walk in a day!  These shots are from the front courtyard.  I will post some of the fluff going on in the back later this week.

 I have recently started an art based community program for underprivileged kids in town.  I find this one of the most rewarding things I can do, combining my passion with their passion for art and creativity.  They are all extremely talented and soooo worthy of a tiny piece of my week. I adore these students!
 My sis hanging out with me and the class on her visit her last week.  She got a peek at my world...and hurried back to the peace and tranquility of Philipsburg.  I think I am gonna head back there to join her after the wedding and get me some of my own peace and tranquility  =)
I am heading off first thing in the morning to pick up Jenna's wedding dress in will be a fun but emotional day!


Vee said...

Thinking of you as you head into a very special family time. Nothing says celebration like a wedding! And ohhh, won't it be grand if you have some peace and quiet with your sister once the dust settles. You gals are looking marvelous I must say.

podso said...

I'm so glad you and your husband fit in time to celebrate your life together. Yes time is flying so incredibly fast ... just wish it would slow down even a little! Love that you are teaching that class. What a wonderful outlet for your creativity! Have fun at the next big event for your family. I'm sure you will be ready to slow down after that!

Barbara said...

The roses are gorgeous and I like the way you have done the pink rambler along the wall of the house. Seems to be holding itself up.

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