Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glorious Chaos & a Happy New Year!

 My beautiful girls Christmas Eve @ Megs
Happy New Years to all !!!! I am presently comatose after 10 glorious days with ALL my family here. Everyone left this morning and as always there is physical relief and emotional grief. I am missing them all sooooo much already, but my body is on strike for at least today and will be in a mostly horizontal position. 
Meg and her girls
Grands preforming jingle bells at hyper speed
 Papa Danny and the rumble
 Michael and Jenna all dressed up
Christmas morning. 
With Meg's help I made linen covered photo journal books of their weddings. The newly weds loved them.

Glorious chaos! 

New Years Eve

I bearly got a decent photo.  I just kept shooting random candid shots as the days and events flew by.

So much fun and joy, bonding and laughter. All our usually family antic's with three fairly new additions with Olivia, Michael and baby Cora starting to understand our hoopla and joining in on all the lovely chaos. 

I have in my minds eye at least a week to focus on some quiet reflection and goal setting with God's direction for 2014. I know there are quite a few things brewing inside me...

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podso said...

Enjoyed seeing your pictures of wonderful family feasts and celebrations! No wonder you are tired, but with wonderful memories! Happy New Year!

melissa said...

What a beautiful, happy bunch of folks. :)

Barbara said...

Beautiful and how Blessed you are.

Knitting Mania said...

It was a wonderful fun family filled holiday. Thanks for all your work and love Sis and Dan!!

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