Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tasting Notes For PAWA


This year Plein Air Washington's paint-out-theme for 2017 is Valleys to Vineyards.  May 19-20 Laura Gables and I will be hosting an event in Eastern Washington that will take in several of our lovely wineries with their vineyard views. In addition to all the info for painting at the event I am providing some wine tasting notes for the wineries that will be hosting us.  Our first day will be spent in Walla Walla Washington.  

Tasting Notes for Walla Walla

Saviah Cellars
  Saviah in the past has been one of my favorite wineries in Walla Walla.  The people are great and I would join their club if I lived there. The Jack labels are a great price point for your everyday table wine.  In the past their Cabs have been high on my list for a great bottle to share over a hearty beef stew with my hubby.  
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon: Light upfront with a peppery spicy finish and a zesty citrus bite.  Mild oak and tannin's.  
2013 Syrah Reserve: 93 pt. Wine Enthusiast   Gold Great NW Wine competition.  Very spicy with hints of ginger and a long smooth finish.  Slightly sweet with big flavors of black and red fruit.This Syrah was the stand out wine in the line up this year.  
2012 Hunt and Gather Red Blend: 92pts. Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast. Aromas of huckleberry, plum and black olives.  Smooth cashmere mouth feel and vibrant flavors of blue fruits and dark coffee.
2011 Petit Verdot: This single varietal is usually used for blending but recently is being sold as a standalone wine.  The color alone intrigued me.  Dark inky marionberry red. The flavor was a big bold blast in your mouth and ended in a dry earthy note.

There are some pretty views from this winery with a nice patio to enjoy your lunch or take a nice break on.  I could easily paint from here with a glass of wine at my side!

Amavi Cellars
This winery sits pretty high up on a hill overlooking vineyards and the distant Blue Mountains.    They have a gazebo off to the side which will provide some shade if needed and some great vistas. This wine I did get a chance to taste!  They were so very gracious and I was indeed very pleased with the wine tasting and the ambiance of their tasting room.

2015 Semillon: This was a light easy to drink white wine with a great balance of acidity and sweetness.  Think pineapple and citrus grove, with a bright finish.
2014 Syrah: This was a medium spicy Syrah with a strong hit of tannin's on the finish.  If you are a Syrah fan this will please you and your company.
2014: Cabernet Sauvignon: This cab has a medium boldness with some hints of mineral flavors.  Most Walla Walla Cabs are not as heavily bodied as Yakima Valley and Red Mt. AVA’s can deliver. I found it to have some black fruit overtones with a bit of spice mid palat.
2014 Ceres Red (Tempranillo):  Now my husband would be drinking this with a cigar on the back porch.  Classic leathery taste with some cedar and fudge flavors. Pretty smooth with a hint of berries.

Northstar Winery and Pepper Bridge are going to be your classic Walla Walla wines with that Walla Walla price point.  I did not taste their wines.  They did have some of the best views for vineyards and distance.

Castillo De Feliciana Vineyards on the other hand is one of my favorite spots to land at the end of the day.  The wine and the surrounding vista at sunset is pure sweetness.  The Spanish styled wines are also my favorite!!!  The Tempranillo, Garnacha, and the white Albariño are not to be missed!

Walla Walla Vintners
If you decide to make it over to paint some of their rolling hill views you must buy a bottle of their Sangiovese.  It was my favorite Sangiovese for the last couple of years both for the flavor and price point. 

2015 Columbia Valley Sangiovese: This is a highly drinkable wine for you and your guests to accompany a hearty Italian meal. It is medium bodied and has that distinguishing Chianti flavor with some wild fruit and spice going on. I want more!

This week I will be re visiting my favorite Washington Wine AVA "Red Mountain" and will be giving you some up to the minute tasting notes here on this blog before you head over!  YUM


Mission Statement:  To promote plein air painting in the State of Washington by providing painting, learning, and exhibiting opportunities.


Come Away With Me said...

Hello Cindy! It's so nice to see you in my blogroll with a new post, especially since I have just abandoned Facebook again. Have a fantastic time at the wine tasting event. It sounds lovely. It's also wonderful to see how you have been so involved in the art world these days. I love your work.

a woman who is said...

Hi Sara! So nice to hear from you too! I have really gotten involved in our local community in both the art world and our wine industry. It is so fun to finally have a chance to bring them together which has been a part of my vision for awhile now. Sorry to see you off fb.

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