Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Trust it is a big thing for me. I have been married to a man for 31 years who's yen for adventure has kept me in a big trust mode for years. When he proposed he was majoring in Police Science at college. I remember having a conversation with God going something like this, "Can I handle being married to someone who puts their life on the line?" I can remember going through senerio's in my mind...what if. God was very clear though and told me this was the man for me. I remember thinking okay, I will just have to trust you on this one God. Little did I know this would be a life long journey. Turns out Dan decided to change his major after we were engaged, because he heard the FBI was hiring bussiness majors. I though whee,I had to trust and God has changed his direction, I can handle this. Dan even ended up working as a bussiness man, after he finished school. It seemed God was really cutting me a break. By the time I was having my third child, my husband decided to go through the local police acadamny just for fun, and to volunteer with the local sheriffs department. Hello God, this is Cindy here, I have three small children...what are we doing ? Again I heard trust me, don't worry. Dan had a blast taken down the bad guys, stand offs with drug dealers, meth houses, even making a few citizens arrest in his bussiness suit. (The day he stopped a robber coming out of a liquor store, and a church family witnessed it. 20 years later and those boys still remember it!) Soon the demands of life and a family, led him to set this adventure aside. Then one day the man comes home, with the three small kids intow, with a vidio clip of him bungy jumping. All I could think of was "What if he had gone splat in front of the kids?" God speaking "Cindy, you can do this, trust Me." As the years went by my son was begining to take the spot light in the adventure field. I can remember at Mc Dee's one day some mom freaking out, who's baby is that on top of the playtoy!!! Yikes, there was no slowing this boy down. He crawled at 5 months, ran at 7 months, and always was over developed in his large moter skills. Father bought son a motercycle at 8. Father and son rode motercycles, at least they were dirt bikes. Oh I forgot to mention when I met Dan he just had a motercycle accident slamming into the side of a car at 50 miles and hour. He was a little messed up. Clue, Cindy big clue! Then the sports began, and I prayed my son through highschool football,snowboarding, skateboarding... There were injuries through out childhood, but not many considering. When he was just out of highschool, he and his friends climbed all the volcanic peaks in the Pacific Northwest. I remember they did Mt. Baker and Hood in about 6 hours each. They would jog up the mountain and snowboard down. Oiy Vay! Now at the age of 26 my son is working for his second summer for an organization called Outward Bound. He takes young teenagers on extreeme adventures in the North Cascades. They go mountaineering,sea kayacking, and rock climbing. Today I found out he will be leading a group up Mt. Raineer. He has climbed Raineer three times, but only summited once. This is the first crew from this organization to do this. So here I go again, a summer of trust. I think I am past Trust 101 though, don't you think?

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