Friday, May 4, 2007

Night Visions

Last year I took some classes that my church offered in learning some basic principals in Biblically based dream interpretation. It has been a fascinating journey. I have learned and watched in wonder how God really does speak to individuals and to churches from this less than conventionally thought mode of communication with His people. I have seen God preparing a church for great change, by revealing His thoughts and plans too many individuals before it happened. It started with a dream that God gave me that was so strong in indicating change that was coming specifically for this church. Then people who knew I had taken these classes would come to me with their dreams. It was crazy because God was revealing to them one by one different aspects and parts of His new plan for this church. I must admit it took me several weeks to piece it all together, but one day I believe God spoke to me, not out loud mind you, that would have really freaked me out :>) what was exactly going to happen. I called two individuals who did know, and told them what I had learned. Dead on. This was about 3 months before the church was told about a pastoral change that would have great impact on them all. The amazing thing was, as those dreamers kept sharing their dreams with me, I could see God was preparing them with specific points of preparation, before they even knew they would need it. It was a fascinating learning process for me. To see the heart of God unfold on behalf of His people, to see this particular way God uses to love us and care for us. I am defiantly paying more attention these days to what He says in visions of the night.

Job 33:14-16 God always answers, one way or another, even when people don't recognize his presence.
"In a dream, for instance, a vision at night, when men and women are deep in sleep, fast asleep in their beds--
God opens their ears and impresses them with warnings


Nadine said...

That is so awesome to use the skills you've learned to bless others. You rock Cindy - isn't God good to prepare us in ways that helps to transition change.

~Crystal~ said...

That is so fascinating. I would love to take that class too. I recently took a "gifts" test at church & my strongest was discernment. I often have "spiritual dreams." But I don't always know what they mean.
I have even dreamed of different tragedies, to only see them actually take place. I may start e-mailing you some of my dreams.

P.S. Thanks for the website about the plant. I e-mailed them, so hopefully I'll get a response. :)

Sandy said...

Hey, I came over from Nadine's. I love the message that you left for her regarding her new writing career. God has an amazing plan for her book!
Blessings! Fun to see your kids prom pix too.

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