Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This grandparent thing???

Okay, I will admit it, I am obsessed. I can't leave my poor daughter alone. I just want to go over there day and night and hold or stare at the baby. We all do... It is unfortunate that they are doing so darn well :) I can't even come up with enough good excuses to be of any help. I have cleaned their entire house, made all the food they can possibly eat. I have waited on my daughter hand and foot. I have spent the last two days shopping for smaller Oneies, just because it is a reason not to get back to the real world, and yet another excuse to go over to my daughter’s house again and stare at the baby. This is so funny. What on earth did I do with myself before the baby? I need a reality check. I do have coffee planned with a friend tomorrow. Bless her heart I will probably bore her to death talking about my grandchild. I am loosing it. Please forgive me the stupid silly grin on my face, and inability to focus on anything else the next time you see me. I am just a new grandma and I am silly crazy in love with Baby Eden. So…you want to see some pictures of my grandchild ;>) ?

The way we act because of a new baby...

New grandfathers go out and purchase 25 expensive cigars, and they don't even smoke!

Siblings get goofy and giddy

Men inspect...

Big boys go soft and mushy

Girlies get giddy and jump...

Aunties and Uncles try to pick names the baby will call them

Baby sleeps on...

Three generations bond

Five people trying to dress a newborn to take home from the hospital

Aunties trying to help

Grandfather beamning

New mommy in awe and wonder! and it's my turn again!

Aunty Jenn can't get enought either

Two baby Eden roses planted for the Monet Arch


Anonymous said...

Man these pictures are great! She is a beautiful little girl, and so are the rest of the photos. You must just live with your camera in hand, and what a good eye you have!

Nadine said...

I love the pictures...who could blame you for wanting to be around her. Like her grandma, aunties, and mom she is stunning.

Chris said...

Oh Cindy, these latest pixs are wonderful, I love the ones with Jenna and Josh, I remember that look and feeling when Josh was born.
Enjoy every second of this "new Nanna experience", you deserve it sweetie.
Love Ya...Sis

Joy said...

baby... she's beautiful :)

EM said...

Cindy, she is adorable just like her entire family. She will be an awesome woman of God!

Joy said...

I usually just do a search through google images, for example 'purple flowers' :) Aren't they just beautiful? *Sigh*

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