Friday, September 21, 2007

When do you know the seasons are changing?

I just was starting to sit down and watch a show, when I realized I was cold from the open windows in my great room. Ah, I should make a cup of tea. For me switching beverages from cold tea, to hot tea, iced lattes, to hot cappuccinos is the first real sign the changing of the seasons is making an impact on my lifestyle. It drives my family crazy when I start the fall soup pots bubbling for a quick easy dinner instead of the barbeque. They really like my soups, they just like to give me a hard time. Then I think it is time to change my pants from capri’s to jeans. It is time to pick the tomatoes, the summer squash and do something with all that produce, (hence the soup pot) Lots of indoor projects to get caught up on, instead of the garden needing such attention. I change my planters from petunias to mums and clean up all the scraggly annuals. Shoe change, purse change, sometimes I even do my make up differently. I even change up my house a bit. The blankets and candles take center stage, while the fresh cut flowers fade away.

In a very similar way I feel the changing of a season in my spirit. It seems that it is the many little things that start to collectively point to a season change. I find myself entering in more quickly and more frequently into the presence of God. I start to notice God speaking to me in many different ways, through out different times of the day. I catch His heart for a moment in a way I haven't felt before. One of my friends put it this way "I feel a stirring in my spirit". I feel a desire and a drawing to pray more both with my mind, and with my spirit. My spirit within me is constantly singing a new song when I stop a minute and listen. When I press into prayer I go faster, deeper, and further with staying power. The ground has been staked and claimed and there is no retreating. The word of God is being revealed to my heart and applied to my sin bringing correction and alignment to my soul. It feels good and right and timely.

In the natural I know we are heading into fall, which will precede winter, which is not my favorite time of the year. I am all about growth, and I miss that terribly in winter. Rest is good I know, but I am just saying, it is not my favorite. But in my spirit I feel like we are in spring and heading into summer, for a long hot productive season of kingdom abundance.

What are the signs of the season?

What kind of things do you notice when a season change is coming?


EM said...

The beauty that comes with each change of the season is my favorite. For example, walking outside and seeing the leaves change colors and the snow flakes that fall in winter. I love to see the cleansing that comes with each season. It is that way in life too. Each season change is a time to reflect and clean to watch and to see. Love your thoughts!

A Woman Who is: said...

Cleansing, a sign of a season changing. So true. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy said...

Thanks for visiting me. I resonate with most of what you said. I love Fall ... and the freshness and crispness of the air. I'm a little bit more motivated, physically and spiritually too.
Happy Weekend!

Jen(n) said...

huge comfy sweatshirts are my favorite part of the fall season and a sign of the change that is happening!
Spiritual I feel a stir as well and find myself saying yes to God is ways I haven't before.
I loved this post and can't wait to see what God is doing in you.

Nadine said...

What a refreshing post to get me ready for a change of season. Spiritually there is something in can almost smell it.

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