Monday, October 20, 2008

What did you do....quit blogging?

This was a recent comment on my last post...which was awhile ago, by my buddy Strider.
Friends in blogland, I am sorry. I think I just need to take an official blog break till after the elections. Sorry to those of you that stop by looking for a post. I am seriously addicted to the news these days. I normally do not watch this much TV.

My other excuse is, and I am somewhat ashamed to admit this. I have started a facebook page, and it is getting out of control. I originally signed up so I could view Martha Stewart's facebook...ha another confession. Then gradually with out my really paying attention...(I actually hate all the silly hoopla on facebook) But first one friend and then another, then soon my church family was all on facebook. Now every teenager and college student I know has added me, and well everytime I look at my email, there are a billion things going on that need my attention in that ridiculous application. :>

So there ya have it! True confessions. Look for me to be back in a consistent form definitely after the elections...only 15 more days. Then the tube will be off and I can regain a normal life.
I will leave you with a few Puddin Toe updates...

P.T. after a walk with Nana...she fell asleep and I had to take this picture ;)

P.T is now a walking girl. Her first pumpkin patch outing!


ru4real @ Healthy Living said...

I'm new around here, but I do miss your posts. The FaceBook thing I certainly understand ... it CAN be a black hole. But it can also be a terrific ministry tool. Did you know that when you post to your blog, you can make a link to it on your FaceBook account and in that way share your messages, devotions, and teachings, etc with all those students and church members? It can be a black hole, or it can be a fantastic tool in the right hands. I pray that the Father would teach you (and me!) how to use our time wisely for Him.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

She's walking! What a cutie pie!!

My daughter-in-law just invited me to participate in one of those types of things and I really don't want to. I have enough to do keeping my blog going. Am I selfish? Probably.

Enjoy (and that's hardly the word) the news!

Nadine said...

The sleeping picture needs to be entered in some photo contest. It's great.

Lavinia said...

Oh no, the dreaded facebook bug has bit you. Without any warning that can turn into a serious addiction....kinda like blogging? ha ha ha....

In A Garden, I understand that most of the U.S. is gripped by this election campaign...totally understandable although nothing like that ever happens in Canada. It's an important election at a critical time in your country's history.

Puddin Toes is getting to be a little lady...look at her walking, she looks so grown up!! And of course a little angel when she's sleeping. So cute with the one foot up. When my daughter was a baby I loved her chubby little thighs...but then again, with babies, what's not to love? All their parts are so cute!

Barbara said...

Well I am glad that Puddin Toes has not deserted us. Look forward to you being back when ready.

Strider said...

I didn't mean to put any "condemnation" on you...but I'm glad you posted this week. Nice pic's of P.T. Good seeing you guy's at S.Bucks Saturday. Lucky's enjoying her time at the Z-Man's house. No new brother yet...but soon.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Love seeing little Puddin Toes. What a big girl walking around. I have been missing you but I sure understand about the election thing. My daughter and I say we get sucked into the vortex at FoxNews. It's pretty interesting, but there are days when I will be so happy when it's over. I will pass on FaceBook because it is hard enough for this ol chick to do a blog and I have so much going on I must let you handle it. Don't forget us. We need to hear from you. We miss you.

Knitting Mania said...

Glad to hear your still out there. I was beginning to wonder too!

I'm soooo sick of all this politics, I can't wait for it to all be over... What will be will be.

No matter who gets in, these next 4years are going to be a wild ride!

LOVE the new pic of P.T. in the pumkin patch, had to add that one to her personal folder in my computer....

Miss you...Sis

Jenna said...

What just cuz i'm back in the country i get no awknowledment...ridiculous =]

a woman who is said...

All: Well it has been sooooo nice to hear from everyone...I have missed you all

Ru4real: I just saw someone do the link thing on facebook

Lavinia & Vee: yeah stay away from is where a lot of the kids I minister too hang out...but I have officially been told by Jenna NOT to post on facebook ever again....hehehe

Don't you just love how we humiliate our children :>

Strider: no worries, no condemnation here...

nanatrish: it is the FoxNews vortex I am sucked into...another true confession...actually it has turned into more entertainment lately than news!

Knitting Mania: I think I am getting officially sick of it too...but the economy thing??? Not worried just fascinated and getting direction for prayer and intercession…interesting times to be sure from a Biblical perspective.

Barbara: I have not truly deserted blogland...I will still be lurking =)

Jenzy cakes: you are one of the reasons I have not posted about you...because you won't help me with the slide show ;>

One more comment to ease my guilt about facebook…got the pumpkin patch photo off my other daughter’s facebook…I have to be on there to see the latest P.T. photo opts :0)

Sara said...

Ah...I am on MySpace, which is what I started before I got into blogging. I've mostly abandoned my MySpace page...but do go there now and then because my son and DIL also have pages there. I haven't looked at FaceBook and I think I'll stay away!

Glad to know all is well. Puddin Toes is a darlin! Those pumpkins are almost as tall as she is. She looks delighted to be up on her feet.

We watch a lot of Fox News at our house too.

Alice said...

Oh, look at that little girl walking! It is wonderful and a bit sad at the same time. She's not a little baby any longer. Ah, but this is the way the Lord planned for us, isn't it? Just seeing little PT gives me hope for the future.

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