Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's official...

Yes, it is official, my hard drive has to be reformatted. We found out that there is no fix for this new bug. It is a new problem with Explorer as I had initially suspected. So in the mean time, I get to steal a few late night minutes on hubby's computer.

Here are some shots of my holiday decorating. We don't have the tree up yet. I need to go buy one tomorrow, because guess what....more snow on the way. We may be socked in all weekend. I will have plenty of time to decorate it then. Yes, I am still buying fresh trees, and will not try another fake tree after last year's tree debacle. click here if you want to see that episode ;) I have been obsessed with glitz this year, and some new found discount decorating stores.

As you can see I am obsessed with snowflakes, stars and glitter :) These tree toppers at Craft Warehouse for $4.00 a pop, how can I not be...but that is not all

I have rediscovered Pier One...who knew, not me. They have gone back to their original style, and prices. In the middle is yet another tree topper, mercury glass...I fell in love! I can't wait to go back after Christmas and hit the sales. It is funny how I won't fuss with decorating for months and months, (too busy with the garden I guess) and then I go on these sprees.

My new big favorite discount decor store is Real Deals. This place is nuts. They are only open two days a week. They do not advertise, only by word of mouth, and there prices...unbelievable. Here are a few of my finds. Above in left corner glitzy peace sign for $6.00, and the star,$4.00 at Pier One.

My quirky little $3.95 Charlie Brown tree from Real Deals.

Now some old school. The holly elves were my grandmothers, very few of her things survived. I just treasure them!
Dan's newly claimed study with some color.

The hall way, the greens are new from Real Deals.

Glitzy new raindeers...I know I am ridiculous =/
This hall tree was my moms, and she made the ceramic angels years ago for me.
Glitzy new pine cones from Walmart and Real Deals pot.
My mother in law bought this for me many Christmas's ago. I love using it around the holidays.
Here is a picture of my front courtyard after the first snow dump. I am originally a New England gal, so I just love the snow this time of the year...it is fairly rare around here.
Well I better get to bed, Puddin Toes arrives early in the morning. Mommy is going for a Dr. visit, and we will find out what sex the new baby is !!!! I will keep you posted. I have a feeling I might be buying blue :)
Update...I was wrong, Puddin Toes is going to have a new sister. I am so excited, they will be friends forever, only eighteen months apart. And I get to shop for more pink...I think I can handle that :0) (See first pink day shopping)


Judy said...

Lovely snow...inspires us all to get decorating indoors! Your place is looking most lovely... great new finds and some wonderful old ones. Hmmm...there's nothing new at my place this year (accept for a tree topper that I don't care for...it will have one season only!).

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

So if you can't get to New England, God takes New England to you! It's beautiful.

I love all your new ritzy, glitzy, cheap stuff. LOL! It just looks marvelous. It'll be a wonderful weekend to put up the tree and hunker down. Have fun!

Strider said...

Well, what can I say......I can see by your pictures that you are really backing down this year on your Christmas decorations and celebrations!!!!!! :-)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Your place looks gorgeous. I love the glitzy, glittery decorations. They look happy and have pizazz. I think your decorations are great. That snow is so pretty. My granddaughter wants it to snow for Christmas. At least we hope it snows this season for her. I loved hearing about your next little cutie pie. Your little baby girls will be so sweet. How fun!!

Charm and Grace said...

Your decor is beautiful, but I am oh so sorry about your computer woes. Unfortunately I can empathize. Hope all is well very soon and that you had backup!


Alice said...

A new granddaughter! How wonderful for you. I love your new header with Puddin' Toes and her Papa.

I love all the sparkley Christmas spots around your beautiful home. Yep, glitz and glitter work for me!

Knitting Mania said...

Hey sis, the house looks lovely. Love the old-glass-crystal-glitz look, from long ago, so old world, and French!

Yay another PT coming our way, what nick name will this little darling have....hmmmm!

Merry Christmas to all!!!! Love the snow btw.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Another beautiful Grandaughter for you, thats the best present of all!
I love all your glitz too, I'm going to have to revisit Pier One!
Hopefully a Real Deals will someday make near me soon!!! Have a wonderful holiday!

Barbara said...

How nice to see your Christmas decorations and to get a little peep into your home at the same time.

The Cranberry Mush looks yummy.

I will get the recipe yu ask for to you soon. Cindy.

Sara said...

Oh, I love all your silver and gold glitz and glitter! A gal after my own heart....anything that shines and sparkles is what I like the best.

But our grandmothers' red and green ceramic treasures are special too...their "glitz and glitter" is the kind inside our hearts made up of memories and love.

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