Saturday, September 27, 2008

You might be interested to know...

A blog of worthy note for this weekend's read over a good cup of strong coffee. TruthSeeker a friend of mine, is posting about his personal experience in the world of banking. Very insightful and again, one of those Living Epistles that I have been talking about.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seasons Change...and boy this one is a doozie! / Living Epistles

Last fall I wrote a post on change. I could feel something coming, but I didn't know what it was or what to expect. Change did come in the form of many storms this past has been an overwhelming year on so many fronts...our personal lives, family and friends all around us, the church both local and national, change and storms in the weather, the economy, even the stability of our country. So here I am a year later on the brink of a seasonal change once again, but what is really catching my eye right here right now is the change that is starting to blow through the Kingdom of God.

There is so much bubbling up inside of me...where and how do I start. As you my readers and blog buddies have noticed when I get warmed up to a subject I can get long winded.
So I am apologizing up front.

I think I can say one name that will be the most recognizable symbol to all that I am feeling in this moment.... Sara Palin...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now hold on to your hats for just a minute, because this is NOT going to be about politics...just breath =]

What I am so stirred about in my spirit is an excitement that started to gell from the first sentence or two I heard come out of this woman’s was not her specific words, it was the spirit coming through her. When I began to observer her life, and the living testimony of who she is In Christ....OH MY GOODNESS....! I am not talking about her politics all though that is very much a part of who she is. I am not even talking about her womanhood, all though she is running that race quite well. What I am talking about is, a life that is a living epistle to her family, her community, her church, her state, and now even her country. No she is not perfect, and neither is anyone of us. There are many Sara Palin’s out there on this planet, in this nation, in my community. Matter of fact every good friend that I know, I can look at their lives this year as the storms of life have blown through their families, their homes, their jobs, their finances, their health,their churches...the list goes on and on....and what I am seeing is a Sara Palin type of character that is so remarkable in strength, in resolve, in determination, to trust in God, and to live their lives “My Utmost for His Highest” to quote a popular book title by Oswald Chambers.

I can't help but rejoice as real life flows through these folk’s veins...even when I look around on blog land...Brin's uncle in My Messy Thrilling Life, testimony came through strong and clear in a video he made about his Ike experience. Today I ran into a very good friend who's life and the trails she is facing and walking out in public is a living breathing testimony of God's redemption. I have not seen in my lifetime this kind of courage, this kind of grace. Oh I am sure that the generations of the past have walked this way, but now I am seeing it in my generation, in my people, in my friends, in my family. I could go on and on, but let this portion of scripture say what I am not very eloquent in expressing myself, but what my heart is seeing and my Spirit is singing…

2 Corth 3:2-12
You yourselves are all the endorsement we need. Your very lives are a letter that anyone can read by just looking at you.
Christ himself wrote it--not with ink, but with God's living Spirit
; not chiseled into stone, but carved into human lives--and we publish it. We couldn't be more sure of ourselves in this--that you, written by Christ himself for God, are our letter of recommendation.

We wouldn't think of writing this kind of letter about ourselves. Only God can write such a letter. His letter authorizes us to help carry out this new plan of action. The plan wasn't written out with ink on paper, with pages and pages of legal footnotes, killing your spirit. It's written with Spirit on spirit, his life on our lives!

The Government of Death, its constitution chiseled on stone tablets, had a dazzling inaugural. Moses' face as he delivered the tablets was so bright that day (even though it would fade soon enough) that the people of Israel could no more look right at him than stare into the sun.
How much more dazzling, then, the Government of Living Spirit?
If the Government of Condemnation was impressive, how about this Government of Affirmation?

Bright as that old government was, it would look downright dull alongside this new one.
If that makeshift arrangement impressed us, how much more this brightly shining government installed for eternity?

With that kind of hope to excite us, nothing holds us back.

Unlike Moses, we have nothing to hide. Everything is out in the open with us. He wore a veil so the children of Israel wouldn't notice that the glory was fading away--
and they didn't notice. They didn't notice it then and they don't notice it now, don't notice that there's nothing left behind that veil.
Even today when the proclamations of that old, bankrupt government are read out, they can't see through it. Only Christ can get rid of the veil so they can see for themselves that there's nothing there.

Whenever, though, they turn to face God as Moses did, God removes the veil and there they are--face to face!
They suddenly recognize that God is a living, personal presence, not a piece of chiseled stone. And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We're free of it!

All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him.

MSG (bold my emphasis)

Thank you God for the Living Epistles you are placing and positioning for such a time as this!
And God let each one of us be willing to be placed and postitioned so that we can be your reflection of the Kingdom to the world around us.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

P.T With New Head Gear =)

The gauze helmet is off, and Puddin Toes in now sporting new head gear. Mama took her all the way up to Spokane to see the Doc today and now the healing process begins. There will be a little more surgery for the scar. I so appreciate all your kind words and prayers...

Jenna is back safe and to come when I can figure out how to download off my IPhone =]

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Surgery for the Puddin Toe

My darling granddaughter was born with a birth mark that needed removal because it could have possibly turned cancerous. After my daughter consulted with a specialist she suggested sooner rather than later. Last Tuesday up we all went to Spokane with mom, dad, 2 grandmas' and an Auntie. It was not a dangerous thing, we just were all a little worried putting such a little one under. She is home now and doing well. Papa took off the helmet head bandages today. And on Tues P.T. will have the dressing removed. We are all believing for the scar to heal well.

Here are some pictures of the day...

Jammie's were just a tad too big =/ we just giggled at her as she started to get sleepy from the sedation they gave her...
... and here is our precious girl...we started calling her telatubby =/ It looks so much worse than it was. They just needed to keep her from getting at her bandage. And she has been a really good girl and has left it alone...didn't even phase her today as she played at my house while momma got some rest.
If you look at her forehead top center left you can see the orangy discoloration of her birth mark. We were thankful this was not in a very obvious place. I am sure the scar will heal well. The important thing was to remove it so it would not become a source of cancer. It is apparently one of those things that is estrogen fed and could be come a problem in adolescents.

While I was up in Spokane a little early waiting for the others to arrive. I had a chance to visit a park close by . It was a lovely evening as I strolled around. Here are some shots of what I saw. They had these gorgeous dahlias in a test garden. I was intrigued by their structure. So I took some liberties here and had some fun with my photo program.

Which ones are real?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good News

Hebrews 4:9 … there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God. For all who enter into God's rest will find rest from THEIR labors...

Hew 4:2…but it did them no good because they didn’t believe what God told them.

Matt. 11:28-30...come unto me all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest...take my yoke...for it is easy and light...for my yoke fits perfectly, and the burden I give you is light....

Rest from YOUR labor, and yoke with Him! His burden is easy and light!

This is my paraphrased version of a spontaneous Bible study I had at my kitchen table this morning with a wonderful young woman. A woman who has recently returned home from a short term mission program, serving in Heidi Baker's orphanage in Mozambique, Africa. It was such a privilege to hear about her trip and share in the Kingdom with this former student of mine.

What a precious morning we shared, and how blessed I was by her special visit. There is much hope when wonderful young people like her and another intern gave up their summer to serve the needy children in a third world country.

I am enjoying my current journey that the King is taking me on, and I am enjoying it with those He has called me to walk beside...the body of Christ...what a precious gift!

They did not even count this as a sacrifice, they saw it as a privilege...

My amazing daughter will be back on Monday from her six month mission will be a riveting week to watch, listen, and learn about who my daughter now is...a forever changed woman for sure...I am sure I will give you all an update as time permits.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have been tagged by Nanatrish to share 6 small/unspectacular quirks about myself and tag 6 others.

Okay this one is funny...I think I have more than six quirks, but I will try to hold it down ;0) I can't wait to award this one, because frankly I think we are all a bit quirky here in blogland...I love it :]

1. my elbows are double jointed and it really weirds most people out...they turn around and bend backwards.

...lets see I am trying to discern my quirks from my passions...since a lot of my passions are quirky...

2. I don't know if this counts but I have this thing for not following a recipe. When I first got married and decide I should learn to sounded creative right? I would read 2-3 recipes and than combine them with what sounded good to me and dahdah! Well it drove my husband nuts...he always wanted to know "What the name of the dish was?" Well...I would just have to make up a name. With the Internet at my finger tips this has really upped my experimentation's. You can look at three or four recipes, glean out the best parts and there you have it. Only problem is I am not always able to recreate my combos. That also really drives my husband crazy.

3. I am not prone to schedules... I have a hard time planning things and making myself follow a plan...(related to number 2) I especially love spontaneity.

4. I love to live via piles. Now I have always kept a fairly clean house but my secret is that I am really a real messy. I have to have things clean and sanitary, but I love messy piles of stuff. Piles of books, piles of magazines, piles of art work, piles of all kinds of projects really. I keep it contained to a room or two, and I try using baskets (piles with a handle) but if I were a hermit living all by myself I would simply live with piles of stuff and everything would be so accessible.

5. I love to rearrange my garden more than most woman like to rearrange their living room. Only problem is, it is much more difficult to move a tree, than a coach.

6. I cut my own hair. I sometimes just look at my hair in the morning and start whacking away. I maybe get a professional cut once, sometimes twice a year. I drive the man crazy who does it. I just have never been able to fully express to someone what I want them to do. I must look like a scarecrow half the time with my chopped hair... as my sister rolls her eyes and nods her head =/

So I am tagging: Barbara, Knitting Mania, Pappy, Vee, Judy, and anyone else that would like to give it a shot?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Award Day

Isn't it wonderful to get on line, check out your blog and find that people are actually reading your blog and that they are sweet enough to let you know they care. Here is a bit over due update on some wonderful friends I have met through blogging and there sweet ways of acknowledging our friendship with a special award to say that they care.

I have just recently met Marie from Poland who is blogging at 78 . She speaks Polish and I speak English and with another wonder of blogland, we get to communicate with an on line translator... how great is that! Marie is a woman after my own heart. A lover of God and also has a great passion for gardening. Do stop by her place and say hi in Polish!

This is from one of my first blogland friends Barbara who has been a treasure to me over at "Ramblings from an English Garden" She is always indulging my love for the English countryside, and sharing her testimony about her journey with the King!
Here is a special award that was given to me by Nanatrish. She has been sharing her heart and her precious walk with the King with many of us in blogland. I too think of her as my friend!

I love this award, because for me friendship is one of those things in life that is way up there at the top of my list. I value my friends and have been so blessed to have had so many precious people in my life that I can call friend.

Jesus called us his is a high honor to know that the King of Kings is calling us His friend...letting us in on everything he has heard from the Father.

John 15:15 I'm no longer calling you servants because servants don't understand what their master is thinking and planning. No, I've named you friends because I've let you in on everything I've heard from the Father.

How amazing is that...? I am a friend of God, not a servant, but a friend...a very precious truth. It is a truth that helps me see more clearly my relationship with God...and my relationship through him with others.

As this award denotes that friendship consists of things like trust, kindness, honesty, and caring I can think of many of you out their that I can extend this award too.

But today I do want to honor one special friend that we all have been missing a bit these days...DeeDee from Clapboard Cottage...formerly White Linen. I just want you to know DeeDee even though your comments have been turned off, I do visit you and so enjoy your precious blog...I am so glad you haven't left us forever. I hope someday soon you will let us back into your genteel world. I don't know what has caused your retreat but I am sure you have good reasons. I just really do miss you and your friendship that was so liberally given to many of us in this little corner of blog land...blessing my dear friend, and do accept all three of these awards from my heart!

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