Saturday, March 14, 2009

What has been collecting in my bedroom?

Well here she goes again........sigh. I really am excited, happy, and sad. Have you ever had all those emotions at once? Jenna dear is taking off again almost exactly one year to the date from her first flight from the nest. This is my last little chickadee to leave. As many of you know she had a wonderful life changing experience six months ago on a mission trip (which you could read all about here) with an organization called Y.W.A.M. (Youth With a Mission) I am just now getting caught up on some of the details of her amazing adventures. Coming home last fall and signing up for classes was a bit of a let down. Never mind trying to adjust back to our American culture. It had left her a little isolated from her normal friendships and of coarse many of her friends themselves have been taking off in different directions. God can do amazing things in our backside of the desert seasons. Jenna has been learning contentment in what ever circumstance she is in. It always seems once you really hit that sweet spot, God comes along and says here is what's next. I kid you not with in a week and a half opportunities came flying at my daughter that just screamed the hand of God. We were all thinking next fall she could start somewhere fresh for school. But it seems God had His own timing. Jenna is still in a bit of shock over it all. She is also extremely excited. She will be rooming with five lovely Christian gals a few blocks from The City Church in Kirkland WA. where our former youth pastor is now serving. She in fact will be living in his old house. He and his family will be living in some church housing while they participate in a foster care and adoption church sponsored program. This church is quite large and has a great impact on the community. She already has a job lined up with the Boys and Girls Club for after school employment. She is registered for spring quarter at Bellevue Community College. We will be moving her over spring break just in time for her new schedule. Seattle is only a three hour drive. Quite do able compared to Australia. She will be immersed in a great church with tons of young people her age, and living on her own just as she turns 20 years old.

Thank goodness for that new grand baby coming in May or I would be quite the puddle.

So here is what my bedroom is looking like. We are collecting bedding, furniture, and some decorations for her new little home away from home. It has been fun and exciting getting her ready for this big new adventure to launch her once again. Oh my heart be still...and let the children go!!!!!! She started with this one gold rose styled pillow from Burlington. She just had to buy it. The espresso down comforter came next via Target (it is chilly in Seattle) then we found more pillows Tuesday Mornings, a lamp from Big Lots, and a chair on deep discount at Pier One. I do love getting great deals and bargain shopping!

It will get a little quiet around here again, but Avey Rose is on her way and that should keep this Nana pretty well occupied for the summer months anyway giving Meg all the help she could ever want :]


Vee said...

Letting the children go is the most difficult task of mothering I do believe. But oh the joy of seeing them soar.

Looks as if the two of you have been very busy shopping and gathering. Do you have to take Meg there or will she be going with her own car.

John has just come in and is chuckling at the pics of Puddin' Toes. She's so cute!

a woman who is said...

Vee: We have been hunting and gathering...phew! Jenna will be taking her car over, but we will have to drive our pickup over to move the bigger items ie bed, desk, chair...She just has a little Ford Focus. Something I was thinking of today was that though a 3hr drive sounds like long distance to an East coaster over here it is one long easy drive till you hit a big city...and Seattle is it! So the drive is not bad. Rather scenic actually through mountain passes and desert.

Sandy said...

some day i'll know what that feels like ... :) :(

happy monday!

JT said...

You're such a great mom Cindy. Those kids are soooo blessed to have you and Dan!

lindsey said...

It is so hard when our children leave home, especially the last one. Our youngest son was married last September just before we moved an hours drive away from London where we lived and both our sons still live. Our daughters are further away. But it is so exciting when God takes a hold of them and leads them into His purposes for their lives...and yes when He gives us Grandchildren to spread our love even further around! The plans He has for your daughter sound so exciting I know she will be blessed and will bless others.

Lavinia said...

I like this colour scheme, I think it will 'go' with so many things. Your daughter is off on another exciting chapter in her young life...sounds like she keeps herself quite busy with many worthwhile activities and endeavours. You have every right to be a very proud mama (and soon to be grandma-again!).

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Thanks so much for your concern and prayers during our sad time. I well remember your girl being so far away, but on a mission trip and I know you must be so proud of her. Little Avey. Very close to my Avery. I bet she'll look like little Puddin' Toes. Doesn't it all go so fast. Your treasures look wonderful!

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