Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I don't just grow roses...

In our very first home I planted a vegetable garden. Oh yes I did :) I pulled the beginners classic mistake and planted about a dozen zucchini plants. When we came home from the beach, my husband went out to the garden to picked the ripe zucchini. I kept hearing him mumble something about baseball bats. I went out side to see what all the fuss was about and there on our patio he had lined up our zucchini from the largest to the smallest in size side by side, and indeed some of them looked like baseball bats. The line up almost covered the whole length of our patio :) Well I never made that mistake again. hehehe

When we downsized and built our new home that included the size of my garden. I still managed to squeeze in a tiny plot to grow some salad fixings. Nothing better than running out to the garden barefoot on a warm summer's eve to pick your salad just kissed by the sun. (see pic above)
Yes that is me posed 8 years ago at the entrance to the potager
When I think of the sweetest little vegetable patch I have ever seen, I think of the potager at Barnsley in the Cotswold's, Rosemary Verey's garden that we visited 8 years ago on our 25th wedding anniversary trip to England.

I was so charmed by the design, the boxwood hedges, the brick paths and flowers spilling out all over the place.

This reminded me of Mr. McGregor's garden in Peter Rabbit.

Fruit trees were pleached through out the veggie patch.

I also loved the bamboo staking.

Latest pictures of Sweet Pea

I will post the rest of our visit to Barnsley later.


Peggy said...

Oh the wonderful garden boo boos we all have made. I love the story of the squash. The pictures look like pros and the garden looks enchanting.Just like an English garden should look. Thanks for the stroll through the garden.

Vee said...

Puddin' Toes and Sweet Pea are such darling names. Sweet Pea is simpley darling. Is that you out in the English garden? I can certainly see how you came to be smitten by their style and those little rows do look exactly like Mr. McGregor's garden. (John wants you to know that once he planted carrots every two inches using his steel tape measure and they didn't have to be thinned and they were picture perfect just as you see on the package.)

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I love those pictures of the garden. It's so beautiful. Little Sweet Pea is so darling. What a sweetie!

a woman who is said...

Vee & John: Yes a younger version of me...I love the tape measure idea. Tell John I might try that with some leeks I have...hmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Again, I am completely entertained by your blog! The pictures of the garden I loved. I laughed to myself when I thought of Mr. McGregor's garden before I read your description! But the best was the last one of sweet Avey smiling. She is fresh from heaven!

Barbara said...

Rosemary's veg. garden is superb. Did you know that she helped and advised the Prince of wales with his?

Tried to enlarge the 8 year old pic. but obviously being an older photo it probably was not digital.

Everything beautiful including Sweet Pea.

a woman who is said...

Barb: All but the first picture enlarges for me when I click it. They actually were digital. We made a special investment for our trip.

I have seen slide shows of her work on the Princes gardens. She was a main speaker at the Seattle Garden show for many years. I have adored her work.

Nadine said...

Love your pictures from your trip.

I gotta say - Sweet Pea is too cute for words. Love the pictures - Puddin Toes is now a big sister - unbelievable. Gorgeous grand babies my friend.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Beautiful garden pic's...every one! And 'sweet pea' could not be sweeter. (What is she thinkin' about?)

Sara said...

Oh how fun....a Cotswolds garden! I thought before I read the post that it sure did look like an English garden!

The newest little flower in your collection is very sweet....

Lavinia said...

Sweet Pea is a living doll. Those pictures of her melt my heart. You are exactly right to say that the English garden looks like Peter Rabbit, it really does. What charming beautiful pictures. I like running out and picking something right out of the ground or snipping off a bit for meal preparation too. Can't get any fresher than that.

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