Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ramblings from and English Garden

My first David Austin to bloom Miss Mary Rose.  Her scent is lovely!
Remember my Iris Carnage...they are alive!!!

Giveaway going on at Ramblings from an English Garden. Stop by Barbara's to wish her a Happy 400th post. You will be entered in for a drawing featuring what else but a gorgeous teapot and cup and saucer from DaySpring.

If you have a moment stop by and read her life story. It is a fascinating adventure. She also features many, many English gardens and beautiful shots of the English countryside. I promise you won't be disappointed. She is one special lady with a very special blog.

One other bit of news. I had a birthday today.  As some of you might recall my computer kept crashing this year off and on...for the last three weeks I have been making do on Dan's.  Well he must have decided enough was enough and bought me my first brand new computer.  I have always just used his hand me downs.  Now I have a brand new shinny Dell Studio lap top.  I have a lot of new programs to learn.  This computer specializes in graphics...well we will see if I can do anything with just some of its capabilities.  It was a nice little deal from Costco. 

The best part of the day came when my husband cooked me a prime rib dinner and Meg baked me a cake, and bless her heart did the dishes too.  All the while I just sat down and held baby Avey.  It was a very wonderful and blessed day!  

Thanks to all my family and friends for all your good wishes and love.

One more thing ... a big shout out for Kris Allen who deserved his win on American Idol!


Vee said...

Couldn't agree with you more or Barbara's's amazing!

Your garden is growing very beautifully...glad that your wonderful rose has a wonderful scent, too.

Happy birthday and yay for a new computer! Yay for someone else baking the cake, too! Yay for baby time and Puddin' Toe time!

Oh, Kris won? Was that expected?

Knitting Mania said...

Sounds like your day was ordered up from Heaven!!

I'm so glad you got spoiled for a change...yay to my brother-in-law, and Megs for making your birthday dinner so special!

Hugs from here to there....

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Beautiful gardens. What a great husband to fix you prime rib.

Maree said...

Amazing...breath taking!

That gorgeous rose caught my eye on my blog of my absolute favorites! My maiden name is I was born to love them!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I, too, enjoy Barbara's blog. Your flowers are breathtaking. I hope you had a wonderful b-day. Your honey sounds like a sweetie.

Lavinia said...

oooh, sorry I'm a week late here. Happy Belated Birthday! Your flowers are all shining and blooming just for you and your special day. They are really lovely, you have a real gift for gardening and the greenery responds in kind....

Baby Avery, a sister for puddin toes......oh happy happy grandma are you!

Barbara said...

Gosh, what praise, thank you.
Sending belated birthday greetings.

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