Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall on the Columbia

(These are click see geese taking off from the water)

Well I am home from Montana and this is what greeted me this week. I was driving along the river road, and just had to pull over and start snapping pictures. At the same moment another lady pulled over just after me and we were both mesmerised with the scene before us. She had a fancy camera and I just had my snap and shoot. More and more I am thinking I would like to invest in a decent camera.
What I most love about the Tri Cities are the amazing clouds that pattern our sky.

Such a beautiful day!

Tomorrow I am bringing Meg out here with her camera. I hope with the babies and all she will be able to get some really good shots.
I found some treasures on my way home from Montana last week. I will be posting later this week about a give away for one of those treasures. Be sure to check back when you can.
I hope and pray you all are having a wonderful fall week !


Von said...

Since moving here I've developed such a love for the open skies we have and the glorious clouds. In the light of a fall
morning the golden birch trees in my neighborhood seem to glow from within. Love it, while I'm dreading the shortening days and return of winter blahs.

I so enjoyed the pics of your Montana trip - such spectacular country!

Sara said...

What a blessing to be able to see those wide open skies every day. You got some beautiful shots and thank you for sharing them with us.

Knitting Mania said...

So the TC in the Fall! Can't wait to see what your give-away will be....hmmmmmm!


Barbara said...

Lovely photos and I saw the geese. I feel the same about my camera but it seems a great expense when I already have one.

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