Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nursery Tour

We are spending the weekend in Seattle.  It is Jenna Dears 21st birthday this week.  More on that perhaps later.

The weekend started off with a 3 day youth conference at the church Jenna attends. I met up with the interns and had a wonderful time enjoying the speakers and meeting many of my daughters friends.  It was wonderful to see her in such a great place with such a lively community of young people.

After the conference Saturday we had some time to do a little shopping :) Jenna hung out with us in Bellevue as we shopped till we dropped.  Sunday morning found us taking a little excursion to Woodenville.  There are lots of lovely things in Woodenville, one of them is my all time favorite nursery Molbak's.  It is like going to garden mecca for me.
So come along and I will give you the tour.
 As we passed through an outdoor dining space, it was at the moment a misty morning.  Jenna calls Seattle spring weather moody. Today I could see why.  Clear skies, oophs now it is drizzling, oh wait a minute put your sunglasses on it is so bright, now it's over cast, next thing you know buckets of rain are falling. Moody is one way to describe a day in Seattle :)
 On entering the first building you are hit with everything decorative to do with gardening.

 Around every corner is a new vignette. From one garden theme to another.

 Lots of ideas to gather for future thought.

 Then the you get to the plants themselves.  The green houses go on and on, but I love how each area is put together with such flare.  These are not just a bunch of plants stuck on benches.

 As your pass through a large section of pots, you then walk into the covered outdoor area.
  Plants in every direction going on and on and on.

Back inside to another building holding all the tools of the trade.  I could have spent hours just browsing the seed racks...
Tomorrow we celebrate Jenna's birthday. I am looking forward to a day in downtown Seattle. I do hope the sun shines...but I heard something about 50 mph winds?


Just a little something from Judy said...

This is one of the most attractive and largest garden shops I have ever seen. Please can I visit it with you? How I wish that was possible. Once again, your photography amazes me...clear, precise, colorful and so interesting photography. It is almost like I was there in person and yet it is safer for me this way. I can't make any purchases. Thanks for sharing this beautiful tour with us. I thought of you this weekend, when my sister gave me a bouquet of soft pink old fashion roses...a fun reminder of you and those that fill your garden.

Happy Birthday to Jenna! "21"...what a fun age.

Vee said...

I had to come back when I could see the pictures as this is a post where the pictures make all the difference. So glad that I took the tour. I love places like this and only make it to "ours" once a year. Lovely touch of spring for a very cold and rainy day here.

Vee said...

Oops! Forgot to say Happy Birthday to Jenna! Twenty-one? The baby is twenty-one?

podso said...

Thanks for the shopping tour. It's always nice to visit somewhere through someone else's eyes. The flowers are all so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful birthday day ( you are the one who birthed, right?) and that the winds die down!

Knitting Mania said...

Love, love, love this place, oh how I miss this place, it's been years since we've been there together with Liz, remember?'s so amazing, I could spend hours in the deco place just browsing all the gorgeous furniture, dishes, yard art, and of course the plants. Looks like an A+ day to me, and I LOVE the mood weather.

Our Jenna is 21, wow, glad you guys were able to spend the weekend with her, so much fun!

Hugs, still working on dates, airports, rates, etc. for my visit. I'll keep you posted!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I love garden shop tours...and this one in particular. A garden shop would not have been one of my favorite places years things have changed.

Have fun in Seattle...helping your daughter celebrate her 21st...and happy birthday to her!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling popped in to wish you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter.

Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

A truly inspiring nursery. What attention to detail! I love the terra cotta pot light fixtures over the plants, and everything is so beautifully arranged and tidy.

Kudos on your opening photo, particularly. The combination of pink and yellow is so catching my eye this year, and will, therefore, probably make a strong appearance in our garden.

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