Friday, April 9, 2010

Exploring My Style

I have been on a journey the last couple of years that has taken me back into the world of art and  painting. When  my daughter left home for YWAM after high school I felt that God was whispering to my spirit, "paint Cindy paint."  I had set that part of my world aside after I married and poured myself into raising a family. Boy did I pour.  I found myself Homeschooling for 9 years.  I was definitely consumed by my children and though I picked up a pencil once in a while to see if I could still draw, I could not find the time or space it would take to set up a studio. I just knew that some day that season would be apart of my life again. Now was not the time.  As my kids grew older, I was wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life :D  Maybe I should get a job?  Go back to school?  What did I want to be when I grew up :)  One day I felt God say teach.  Huh...hmm...really...   So I offered some free lessons to the neighborhood kids, and away I went.  I found myself back in the homeschool community teaching other folks children how to draw and work with color. Still at the back of my mind, I knew I was suppose to get back to exploring my own possibilities. Well ever since Jenna has left I have been having a very difficult time giving myself permission to paint.  Sounds silly  I suppose.  I wonder if any other moms feels this way after their kids grow up?  I just have found it difficult to stop and do something seemingly for myself.  I remember dreaming of the days I would have some time all to myself, and  when it came, I just felt awkward.

Trying to get to my point here.  I have just recently quit teaching and have found myself finally exploring the world of painting again.  I have started a few oils...still in progress.  What I have been most intrigued with though is watercolor.  I have never been trained in this area aside from a basic class Jenna and I took together.  So it has been a bit of a mystery.  I won't give up my oils.  There I can pour myself into all the details that I love to fuss over. But I want to be able to do some quick watercolor sketches.  Well I found out it is much easier said then done...for me anyway.   

So here is a peek into my journey of this medium:

At the beach last summer I sat down to TRY to do some roses...they were okay...but

Then a few weekends ago in Seattle I got to have an hour at Daniel Smith.  I was browsing around when the maker of the paints started chatting with me and introduced me to these Primatek colors, made from real minerals.  So back in the hotel room I fussed with them, and came up with this uptight version of roses. My daughter Jenna said it looked like an old lady painting...haha the honesty of your children.  She was right ;)

Last week I came upon an artist blog with a demo of doing loose roses. Jean Haines "Watercolors With Life
So I gave it a go...not quite sure how she achieved what she had demo? I would love to take one of her classes but she lives in the U.K.

Now here are two paintings that I did by coping from other artists work. (of coarse just for personal practice and learning)  I can copy no problem, but to do this on my own....not so much :)  Both these styles I admire and would love to come close to.

Below is the painting I attempted yesterday.  Some wonderful blogging friends (Judy Anneliese Lovella ) went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and gave me permission to use their photos.  I have one more in progress. I was disappointed at how stiff I was compared to the landscape above.

Last night I was trying to do just a few more roses before bedtime and I saw another painting challenge on Jean's blog. I gave it a whirl on the back of an old paper, and found what came out (haha at two in the morning) was finally something I was aiming for. I am actually too scared to try it again.  But this is what I want to do, something quick, fun, and loose.  I have no idea what she taught her class that she gave this assignment to, but she does have a book coming out soon, that I am sure I will purchase. Soooo... I am on a journey to find my style and my vision.  This last painting is a glimpse of where I hope to go.

Up Date... I just painted this on the back of my old lady roses.  Ha ha now I probably paint like a second grader :->


Vee said...

I'm just finding the paintings that the gals gave you permission to do from their photography so cool. I was hoping that I'd get to see what you did with it, but had no idea that you'd be so quick to get to it. Well, my friend, if you don't do it now, when? Will there ever be a better time? I'd be proud to have done any of these, even the "up-tight old lady" one. Ha! That Jenna!

melissa said...

I really like the way your daffodils look...the blurred edges and the way the colors meet just barely is wonderful.

Watercolor is hard for me---I try too hard, but your light touch is so pretty.

You have a gift! :) And you're using it...that's the important thing, but your comment about needing permission rings true to me.

Keep it up and please share. I love your work.

Knitting Mania said...

I think they all look amazing, my talented sister that you are!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Wow...that was quick! And I agree...they all look amazing. Keep exploring...keep have a gift.

podso said...

As I started reading this post and seeing your art I thought how much I like the daffodils in the top picture. And sure enough, you are leaning towards that style. Maybe I am more in tune with those colors. Also I like your landscape,even thought it might be "stiff." Maybe I like it because it is "tidy." Oh and I just noticed the free spirited kites!

Beautiful work, and thanks for sharing your journey with us ... I'll stay tuned!

Barbara said...

I can really see the difference in your style Cindy to the one right here on the wall by my computer. In case yu donot remember it is a basket of red roses.

A Woman's Perspective said...

You are amazing girlfriend!!!! And yes we have to do something. I'll get some classes down & try to get over your way as well. Sally has done a bunch of stuff so if you head this way, she might be up for some brush stuff too:-). xu

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