Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Using Your I Phone for Pic's...or Not :)

 You know my kids do this all the time.  They snap a picture of themselves and their friends and catch the moment with their phone.  So I thought as Dan and I were watching a wonderful sunset at the beach I would capture our (finally alone moment) of just the two of us with my I Phone. It was not so easy I came to find out as my kids make it seem. We kept snapping and re positioning...hahaha as Jenna would say "What dorks."
 Got a good picture of the sand...sort of

 Then Dan grabbed the phone and gave it a try.  He did succeed a little better.  But then he forgot to smile.
 So this was the best we could get while having a good laugh at our ourselves.  I now have much more appreciation for my kids aptitude with these phones.

Funny thing is I was the first one in the family to purchase one, by default I might say. I just kept picking up every phone in the shop when I HAD to replace my old one, looking for something I could read with out my glasses.  When the kid working there showed me how everything got big with a flick of two fingers, I just bought the I Phone without any knowledge of what I was really getting myself into. The most import selling point for me was I COULD SEE THE NUMBERS WITH OUT MY GLASSES ON.  Woohooo!  Of coarse the kids were all jealous. Now Jenna has her own and I am giving Meg my old one ( because my 2 year contract is up and she is begging me for it)  I still have very little knowledge about all this phone can do, but by golly gee I can see!!!!!!

Now here is a picture Meg took of us...just a little bit more on the competent side.


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

If you have a choice between Meg...or I-phone...I vote for Meg. Fabulous foto!

(But the others are fun!)

podso said...

Amazing how the younger folks have a built in aptitude for all the technology. But the beach shots are great--all of them!

Knitting Mania said... guys are so funny. Loved all the pics! Well...the last one that Meg took is fabulous!!! Glad you had time to yourselves for some down time.


melissa said...

I like the twinkle in your husband's eye in the last *phone* pic, but the one your daughter took is just wonderful. She does have a way. But really, she had a good topic to work with! :)

Definitely frame-able.

Sara said...

You are so funny! You and Dan finally got a good one though...(and I'm not laughing AT you...I have never tried phone camera photography and would surely have the same problems....)

And Meg's photo is fantastic, of course.

podso said...

BTW, you could do an ad for i-phones! We all (us "older" ones) struggle with reading the numbers on a cell phone. Also, love the view of your kitchen window!

Barbara said...

Only just read your second comment. Certianly my prayers go out to Dan for sucsessful surgery and quick healing.Prayers for you too Cindy. Keep me informed. Love and blessings.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Early on this Saturday morning your post made me smile. Thanks for that. I see how easily my children snap photos too, and I never thought about it. I am glad that you kept trying though. Great photos of the two of you in one of my favorite places. I was a bit jealous:)

Vee said...

I'm sure that practice will help ;>, but oh my! That photo that Meg took of you both is so perfect. Do you suppose it's one that only a daughter could capture?

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