Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging Break...oophs

It appears I am on a bit of a blogging break.  With Dan home for recovery it seems the pattern and time frame of my day has changed up a bit. So blogging has been a bit off the radar.  Thats okay, I know I will pick up with all of you my blogging buddies in a few more weeks.  We see the doctor tomorrow.  Pray for us!  We have been kind of avoiding thinking about the real issue that went wrong for Dan's hip.  Bad part...we would like some seems the doctor and the F.D.A. knew last November what was wrong with my husband.  I want to get past that and focus on the recovery!  But I would like some honest answers.

One kind of funny thing going on around here has something to do with a new computer. It seems he (DH) decided I needed a new lap top. What!!!! I just got one last year.  You see I wanted to try a Mac lap top last, no, no, he said.  I won't be able to help you and be your I.T. help desk.  Next thing I know after we get home from the hospital the nice Mr. UPS man comes to my door with a package. I sign for it looking at my husband across the room with raised eyebrows.  It seems I am now the new proud owner of a Mac Book Pro.

It sits across the room right now waiting for has been waiting for me for two weeks...  He suggests I start using it.  I just keep looking at it.  I did actually open it once today for the first time.  He assures me it will be no problem, easy to use. I have to make the switch because he apparently promised my dell to his dad who is patiently waiting for me to "let the lap top go"  huh...i don't want to learn how to use a new lap top...not today,  not tomorrow either.  Maybe in a few weeks when he goes back to work.  I am thinking he needed some new technological diversion.  Me...I have enough diversions going on right now...LOL!

P.S. have you guys all seen the double rainbow You Tube video...I think I reposted my picture subconsciously...I think I went a little over the top myself when I saw this rainbow last summer in Montana....well maybe not quit as much... ;)


melissa said...

You are delightful, totally delightful. Love your story about the laptops, both of them! :)

But, my goodness, what a great surprise. I have a friend who has a MAC, and I've looked at hers---you'll probably fly through getting used to it.

In the meantime, let those men know who's boss! ;)

Vee said...

I think that you are going to have fun once you get started with your new lap top. Your hubby makes me laugh. Nothing like making decisions for you while giving your laptop away right from under you. Ha!

Yes, you both deserve some answers so don't be afraid to ask those really big questions.

Knitting Mania said...

Well it looks good in the photo. Wishing you luck with it sis!.

I'll be following up with you after Dan's doctor appt. I hope you get some truthful answers.


podso said...

So thankful your husband is doing well. With this surgery and feeling well again -- as you say, there may be a whole new future for you. Your new church plant sounds good and you are right, that generation appreciates older folks' input into their lives.

As to the mac--being a life long mac user (I have an older version of you new one) I think you will LOVE it, and it is easy to use. :-) Enjoy!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I totally understand your blogging break. And, believe it or not, I understand your new computer sitting across the room and you just looking at it. Made me smile, because I could so identify with you. My sil really likes his Mac computer. Maybe you will too. The double rainbow is a picture I just keep staring at. It is amazing!!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I laughed about your laptop story...and read it to my hubby. I can so identify...with sticking to the tried and true!

Hope all is well with Dan's latest hip replacement...and you get some answers about what went wrong. We have a friend who is travelling the same road...just had his second replacement done last month.

Barbara said...

Have not seen the You tube rainbow but have taken a few double rainbows myself at times. Looks like the Northern Lights on your laptop. Have ssen those from a plane over Greenland.

So, so glad to know tht Dan is doing well but agree one wants answers and often there seems to be such reluctance to give them. We were told they found nothing but no answers as to what all the horrific symptoms could be due to. Had to rely on a medical consultant friend for that.

Orchids! After flowering, cut back to just above compost. Water only occasionally until you see a new shoot appearing (do not confuse with an arial root) and then begin to feed once a week. I use Phostrogen. After 3 or 4 yrs the leaves do not look so good but they still flower.

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