Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Perfect Summer Morning...for me =)

 A recently started Farmers Market on Friday mornings, smack dab in the middle of our little town.  After weeks of company, travel, and a few rest days.  I head out for a sunny summer morning at the market.
I started my day with my favorite iced latte...dbl. tall with one packet of raw sugar and a petite vanilla scone in front of one of my favorite shops.

Let's take a peek in the door way.  Now I am ready to spend my wad. 
Josh's veggie stand in Stillwater, Minnesota...if you happen to live there stop by and say hi from his Mom ;)

 I love shopping locally for all my fresh veggies and fruits.  Helping to support and sustain the local farmers.  My son is now farming himself this summer in Stillwater, Minnesota.  It is a long way from home and I think he misses his North Cascade mountains.

I got a batch of these last week and Miss P.T. and I made three kinds of strawberry jam...mmm
She was an amazing little helper...

We made freezer strawberry jam, cooked strawberry and peach jam, and a new one for me...stir only strawberry jam.
We are sporting all kinds of venders these days.  French Pastry girl
All sorts of veggies and flowers
these Donut Peaches are new for me

Several bread vendors, french cheese, local honey, even some meat guys

 There are crafters, and lavender ladies... even a guy from Nairobi comes and sells these incredible baskets, mine is on order.  I will show you when it is done =}
winemakers and grape seed oil guys right next door
Goat's milk is getting a little crazy around here!
Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks like a European street market! A fine place to spend a summer morning...for sure.

I love your little kitchen helper...stirring on tippee toes.

Vee said...

What a glorious Farmer's Market. Oh that Starbucks and petite that's where my eye lands. Love the little folding stool Puddin' Toes is using. We have a couple like that here, too, and they sure come in handy. What was your final opinion of donut peaches?

Kathy said...

We love the Kennewick area. Farmers markets are the best. Looks like you have a darling little kitchen helper.

Barbara said...

Enjoyed the visit and seeing how you do it there. Very similar the world over I guess. The fruit and veg. all look good and fresh.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

The treats at the French Pastry Girl's booth are what got my immediate attention! Your doughnut peaches look good too.

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