Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wine Country

On a perfect fall day we took a drive for miles and miles up in the dry land wheat country traversing the Horse Heaven Hills outside of our city.  It was amazing how far we could see, as Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier came into view on our way to Wine Country.

We enjoyed a Grape Stomping Festival hosted by Mike Andrews, the owner of Coyote Canyon.  There was a barbecue and 22 teams stomping grapes.  Below we are heading out on a wagon ride around the vineyards accompanied by a country western singer and his guitar with a wagon load of folks singing some good old fashion country tunes.

Later on in the day we drove up to the highest point of the vineyard and took in the beauty of this place.

 This area is know as the Horse Heaven AVA (American Viticulture Areas)  Here is a link if you want to read a little bit more about Washington State's AVA's   LINK   Each AVA has enough of a difference in it's soil make up and it's climate to give the grapes grown in each region it's own distinction.  Washington's largest winery is smak dab in the middle of the Horse Heaven AVA.

One of the largest vineyards and most sought after grapes in this region is Coyote Canyon.  Mike Andrews who's ancestors homesteaded this land is the owner of this remarkable vineyard. Check out the link for his story.

 The green you see, is all Mike's vineyards.  He is surrounded by miles and miles of non irrigated wheat land.  He grows 1100 acres of grapes with water rights from well sources his father  and grandfather dug after WWII.

Looking down from the very pinnacle of his land.
 I am now looking up to the top of his property where Mike Andrews has made his statement of faith.
 Beyond the distant hills lies the great Columbia River.

 These are amazing forty foot crosses that can be viewed by all the surrounding land in sight.

 Here is a view of the crosses on the right.
The sun was setting as we headed back down for about a 40 minute ride home.  It was a perfect fall day in Washington's lovely wine country.   I left inspired and anxious to go home and get my paint box out.


Barbara said...

All so very interesting and and different.In some pictures one would think it was a totally flat landscape and then there are the hills in the distance. Grapes look healthy and ripe for picking.

podso said...

I bet you were inspired to paint. What a beautiful tour you have taken us on.

And your new header photo!

Sara Lorayne said...

What an amazing place...thank you for the tour. I do love the wide openness of the country up there!

Gwendolyn said...

Impressive view! Impressive vineyard! Impressive Calvary scene! Wonderful and would love to visit there sometime. Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

melissa said...

The colors in those photos are just breath-taking. The sky contrasting with the land....my goodness. Makes me take a DEEP breath. :)

Thanks for sharing the wonderment!

Knitting Mania said...

Oh my...your photos are excellent sis...seeing the vineyard in this light is gorgeous!!! Looks like a fun day...cowboys and all! LOL


Vee said...

Magnificent scenery. I can't even imagine it never having seen anything remotely like it except for pictures. What a wonderful day to get away and enjoy all that is available. Those crosses were beautiful and striking up there on the hillside. So, have you started painting yet?

Lovella ♥ said...

How absolutely beautiful. I love those crosses for the world to see!

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