Friday, December 16, 2011

Make Room

Wow as usual the holiday season is whizzing through like a sled going down hill that cannot be stopped.  I am just trying to hang on for the ride.  Apparently the sled is un-steerable too =)  Yesterday my daughter asked if I would babysit while she ran some errands at the mall.  Pregnant with two little ones in tow...I remember those days.  So I said sure!  Low and behold she walks in the door handing me a gingerbread house kit and said the girls really, really want to do this this afternoon.  Hmmm I was thinking more like movies on nana's bed with some snacks and a bit of book reading.  I am not nearly as energetic in the late afternoon as I am before lunch.  Before lunch I can MAKE the gingerbread house from scratch ;)

So I convince my grands as I was making a big pot of coffee to watch a little show first while I chugged a mug down of the delicious black brew.  Then I was ready to tackle the gingerbread kit.  Well it was just all about glueing with pre-made frosting in a tube the candy that came with it in place.  Not too big of a deal.  We giggled along and tried not to eat as much candy as we were attaching to the gingerbread house.  Then I had the great idea to add some more decorations...because...well... perhaps we did eat too much of the provided kit candy.  I found some Christmas sprinkles in my cupboard. While I was trying to add some of the sprinkles to the freshly edged house  Eden said she wanted to try.  Of coarse you do, so I handed her the jar and instead of a sprinkle they all began dumping out of the top rather quickly and bouncing from here to eternity all over the kitchen table to every nook and cranky in my kitchen.  I started to roar it was so funny.  The look on Eden's face was priceless, till she got the gist of my hysterics and then started giggling herself.  Well we finished up the house and it did turn out rather nice.  However I am still stepping on those little round sprinkles every where.

You know I love making room and time for my grand kids.  I wouldn't have missed that moment with them for anything.  I was exhausted by the time mom came back to collect the babies and the gingerbread house, but it was worth it. So very much so!

Just a few nights ago my son in law had the privilege of leading a young man to the Lord.  As this new convert was reading the Christmas story he noted to my son in law how there was no room for Jesus in the inn with all the people, but only room for Jesus outside with the animals.  He concurred that he wanted to make room for Jesus in his heart, especially during this Christmas season.  That so struck a cord in my heart.  I need to make room in my home, my heart, and my life during this hectic holiday season, and to make very sure my Jesus isn't left out in the cold. To make sure I am inviting Him in to be present with me and my family through out this season of tra la la.  To remember that old saying we all know...He is the reason for the season.  I am rejoicing in a new believer who has made a commitment to welcome Him in to his heart.  Lord help me remember to welcome the Christ into our Christmas!


Kathy said...

Looks like fun.....but I sure do understand that lack of energy...I have 3 out of the 5 coming later on today. I'm still thinking of things to do for their energy verses mine....I'm thinking Christmas coloured play dough at all my cookie cutters may come out.
Your little girls are darling! I'm sure they are excited for the baby.
Thanks for sharing the greatest news of all....a new believer. What a blessing for your son in law...and thank you for the great reminder to make room. Rejoicing with you!!!

podso said...

I'm not sure how I've missed your posts, but I am catching up. Enjoyed Montana, Mexico culture, and seeing your home at Christmas, but this current post is absolutely marvelous! Nothing better than coming to Christ through the Christmas story, where the gospel began...and such a wonderful story about your day with your sweet granddaugthers!!! And what a great reminder! Thanks!

Knitting Mania said... fun!!! Can't wait to see the girlies soon!!! Ho Ho Ho

Vee said...

They are so darling. You must've had so much fun and now they have this sweet memory of making a gingerbread house. I need a boost in the afternoon myself so can totally relate. I get my pep back around 4.

I'm delighted to hear about the new believer. Each person adds something new and wonderful to the Kingdom. What a neat thing he said and I'm sure that it'll resonate with me through the coming days as well.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I'm not sure how you found my blog but so glad you did because after reading this post, I know we've got lots in common and I am going to follow you. Love spending time with granddaughters; I've got 7 granddaughters and 2 grandsons so I love the girl time.
Had to giggle about the sprinkles but also about the need for coffee, I don't have near the energy I used to.
Have a very blessed weekend.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Your gingerbread masterpiece looks much too professional for a 'grand project'! What fun for the girls...big and small.

And the best news of all...that someone met Jesus this Christmas season.

Barbara said...

That was a great kit and they did very well. I so wish I had had my Grandchildren when I was younger. However I know I am blessed to have them at any age really.

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