Saturday, March 10, 2012

Miss It!

 front side
I drove by my old house the other day with a friend and they were really cutting back the old growth and overgrown vegetation from the property.  Good thing it needed it.  I might have over planted just a bit ;)

back side
One thing I hope they never cut back though is my lovely rose arbor.   I think there are new owners and I do hope they wait to see this arbor in full bloom before they take it out!  Oh how I miss that display!


Kathy said...

That arbor with the roses is amazing. I wish you lived near by and could come and give me some good gardening tips. Gardening does not come naturally to me. I know it does to you. I will be looking forward to your spring and garden summer posts.

Vee said...

Were you not tempted to stop and share the advice? How will they know being new and all? =D

It certainly is gorgeous!

a woman who is said...

@ Vee
Ahhh ha ha, you know me too well. I so wanted to do that =)))))

Sara said...

That is simply gorgeous! I, too, hope the new owners will give it a chance to show its beauty.

podso said...

Write them a note! You know the address! Such beauty! Would make a lovely spot for a bride and groom to say their vows!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm sharing your hope...that the rose arbor remains untouched. Beautiful!

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