Monday, March 5, 2012

The Weather is holding me back!

 I am a little tired of this long drug out winter scene around here. We literally had a showing of snow March 1st. Ridiculous!  I am so ready for sunshine and warm temperatures.  I have ventured out a bit around the beds closest to the house.  Winter decorations are down and I am thinking spring around here!

 I was able to plant my goodies from the garden show in the ground.  The printed cloth on the left was an Italian apron I purchased at the show alongside the yearly poster they give away.
Some new nests for a mood of spring time

I need to go find some pansies and primroses and plop them into these wooden containers to keep my mind thinking spring is almost really here=)


podso said...

I can see you have a touch of spring fever! We had such a mild winter--almost none--but we have the lion of March upon us and even a freeze tonight ... one of the few this year! So maybe our winter is just a tad late. Meanwhile much is blooming. Hope the delicate blooms survive!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am so with you on being more than ready for warm spring weather; although yesterday we did have sunshine and the 60's, today more of the same. Snow is predicted for Wed. and I just wish it would stay away. I can't even think gardening until the end of May. Enjoy the sun.

Vee said...

Our winter has decided to hang in at the last possible month. We've had more snow in the past week than all winter long.

Your home is looking marvelously springy! Sometimes the best we can hope for is spring inside. ☺

Sara said...

I like those pretty nests and the baskets you put them in.

Kathy said...

Love your little nests! I'm feeling like's time for spring and some warmer weather. Glad you saw a bit of sun.

Just a little something from Judy said...

You should come to the east coast. We are experiencing an early Spring season. Can't wait to see all of your blooms again this year.

Barbara said...

Interesting herby containers. I always smile at the way USA folk decorate for the season!

mississippi artist said...

While we have had a mild winter, it has rainrd almost non stop! I try to get out and clean up between showers, but I am so ready for dry weather and planting time!

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