Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Cora!

Baby Cora Eve made her debut 9:06 am Easter morning. 6 lb. 10 oz. She is a beauty! Meg did an amazing job!!!! Glory to God!!!

Big sister's singing Cora a lullaby to calm her down <3
 they love her soooo much

 Amazing big sis!

So this Nana is wiped out!  Watching my daughter laboring all night all natural was a bit draining.  She wanted the whole experience this time and well she had it.  She did a great job!  It might have been harder on me...well maybe not physically =)

We are all in love with our littlest princess. 

 One baby down and two weddings to go.  I guess I am  in for the long distance marathon this summer  LOL!


Von said...

I've so enjoyed your pics of Cora on Facebook too! Congratulations to you all. :)
Mystie is pregnant again and this time is planning to go to the hospital for an epidural after four all natural births, lol. I am so relieved as her labors are not as easy as mine were and like you, I have a hard time watching her go through the pain.
Be sure to take your multi-vitamins, Cindy; you have a lot to do!

Vee said...

What a doll baby she is and worth every moment, I am certain. (I don't think that I could watch anyone labor and that goes double for a daughter. You did well!)

Love seeing all "the girls" together sharing the love. Papa and Grandpapa must be so very proud.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Oh she is beautiful! I just love the name - Congratulations!

podso said...

Congratulations! To you all! Big sisters, laboring mom and grandma at the helm of it all! Thanking God with you for it all! Beautiful pictures of great joy, and on Easter morn!

Knitting Mania said...

What a joy to see our "Easter Baby", she is precious beyond words!

You can do it sis, I know you can, enjoy the ride.

melissa said...

What a beautiful family you many girls. :) And your daughter has that sweet 'after birth' look on her face. I always love that.

Good to see you 'round, but you do have lots to do still. Take lots of care.

(btw...think on that tattoo idea! my kids are asking what I want my second one to be. huh???)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

How precious! And how special to be born on Easter Sunday. Congrats to all!

Balisha said...

Those precious little ones. How cute they are with their baby sister. Blessings to you all, Balisha

Kathy said...

Congratulations! Those two older girls are going to be playing house with a real much fun!

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