Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Garden is Bursting Forth

This is a little interesting...first time trying out this new format that they seemed to have switched on me.  Well it seems par for the coarse these days.  My life feels like everything is being switched on me. Life is good, I have just not caught up to it yet, even in blog land apparently.
 Newly planted clematis last summer...I am so pleased.  These plants don't usually love my garden.

I did get to run out to the garden for a few hours yesterday and do some weeding and last minute planting of spring bulbs and such.  Yes a little on the late side ;)  The lilac are in full bloom and the scent was intoxicating.  That is the smell of my childhood mornings in New England.  LOVE!  I thought of planting a chair right under the most scented blossoms and plunking down for a few hours to read a book , but alas so much to do.  That felt way to much like a guilty pleasure I could not afford this year.  Next year perhaps I will have much more time on my hands and be whining about that most likely.

Well here are some pictures from the boy in Minnesota who is getting hitched this fall.  I just got the pictures and permission to post them.

My son and his lovely bride to be showing off the ring!

When I asked for some engagement photo's I think they decided to give me the full deal meal and hammed it up a bit =)  So fun and so happy for them.  My son will be getting married on Labor Day.  I am looking forward to our trip out to Minnesota.


podso said...

What fun engagement pics ...sort of vintage looking! Your garden is beautiful of course!

melissa said...

They are darling...and she has such a unique and beautiful old-fashioned face. Such sweeties! :) I can see you're proud.

Vee said...

They look very happy!

Wonderful to see your clematis, which looks a lot like mine should. Mine is still brown sticks so I'm thinking that it didn't make it through the winter.

Kathy said...

Your garden is looking so pretty....I love purples in the yard. You are a bit ahead of us with your blooms.
Thanks for sharing the engagement photos....like one of the other commenters said....a vintage look. Beautiful!

Knitting Mania said...

Oh my goodness...so good to see the engaged couple, love the photos. Vintage is right, they did a great job.

Let the weddings begin!!!

Knitting Mania said...

Oh my goodness, so good to see the lovely couple. Love the photos!!! they did a wonderful job!

Let the weddings begin!

Just a little something from Judy said...

What a fun vintage photo shoot. I am guessing creativity flows through the genes in your family. Your lilacs and clematis gave me the needed dose of beauty that I wanted today. Thank you!

Barbara said...

Another engaged couple. Fun and different pics.
Your garden is coming on so beautifully and especially when ones thinks how young it is.

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